i woke up at 8:30am, made some coffee, used the bathroom, then left the house by 9am to get started on the painting at my sister's place. just as i thought, when it comes to painting, the painting itself actually goes by pretty fast; it's the preparation beforehand that takes the longest time. plus the fact that it's been unusually rainy since september didn't help either. when i arrived at the cafe i found bin bin there working from her macbook.

today and tomorrow seem to be the last two remaining warm days of the year before temperatures dip down into the 40's and below. today the temperature would be in the 60's, while tomorrow it'll be in the 50's. fortunately 2 days is all i need to paint everything. i'd paint the porch today then prime the doors. tomorrow i'll finish painting the doors.

i started working at 9:30am, my sister still asleep at that time. instead of painting, i decided to prep the doors first, so any sanding i might do won't contaminate the fresh coat of paint. two simple doors ended up taking a long time to clean up, scraping off dried paint chips and patching a few spots with wood filler. i ended up not painting the porch until 11am, so much for trying to get an early start.

today was warm with a crystal clear blue sky. it was also windy. i had to anchor the plastic tarp with a bunch of paint equipment otherwise it'd blow away. i could've taken off my sweatshirt, but kept it on and was still comfortable.

i thought putting down a second coat of paint would go much faster, but it took just as long as last time, 4 solid hours. i finished by 3pm. my sister wasn't home, taking hailey out for a walk. it's total bullshit that my sister hasn't done any work in painting her own damn porch, says she's too busy when it seems she has plenty of free time. when i went to go wash the brush, the kitchen sink was stacked with dirty dishes, so i had to clean in the bathroom.

once that was done, it was time for the second portion of painting, priming the doors. it was a smart decision to prep beforehand, because all i had to was just paint. midway through i realized i made a terrible mistake: why was i priming with white when the doors will be painted dark blue? i should've just painted with blue, and then tomorrow i can put on a second coat, since a dark paint will probably need at least 2 final coats to achieve that darkness. but i'd already started so i just finished painting with white primer. i finished by 4pm.

tomorrow morning i'll paint the first coat of dark blue on the doors, before doing some touch up work on the porch on any spots i might've missed. after that i'll paint a second coat on the doors. it should only take a few hours at most, shouldn't take up the whole day. my sister kept insisting i use mini rollers instead of painting with just a brush. if she has all these great ideas, how come she's not painting herself? there's not enough flat surfaces to warrant using a roller. rollers also use up more paint than a brush, and splatter paint everywhere.

i left with my hair and face covered in paint. at least my hands were clean because i wore gloves. returning home, i realized i didn't eat any breakfast or lunch today, other than that cup of coffee. surprisingly i wasn't very hungry, just felt a little tired, which could be a combination of working and hunger.

after a shower i ate a pastry while watching the news. it actually felt kind of liberating not knowing what was going on with the world, especially the day after the midterm elections. so imagine my surprise when i saw that trump had finally fired jeff session.

for dinner i wasn't in the mood for cooking but still did the bare minimum by heating up some tomato sauce and cooking up a bag of frozen spinach and cheese raviolis. i chopped up the last of my mini sweet peppers for some added flavor.