today was supposed to be a paint day but it took me so long to sand and caulk and tape that i ran out of time. the uncured molding caulk i saw yesterday? much better today, now more rubbery than soft. it's actually the last work day this week (unfortunately the only work day) because i'm going to the red sox parade tomorrow and then it's supposed to be rainy thursday to saturday. i may end up doing some paint work on sunday, as the patriots play sunday night. the only other conflict i have on that day is a community garden work day. after painting i might go buy a pizza and go home and enjoy it while watching some football.

i left by 4pm, finally bringing the tube chair i found back in september. instead of going home, i cut through harvard square down cambridge street to the galleria mall to pick up the corningware bowl set i ordered online last week. i parked in the garage and went inside the sears pickup office where there was an electronic kiosk asking me to input my information. i tried my name, my credit card, and my phone number, but nothing was coming up. i finally dug out the e-mail and realized i ordered the bowls from macy's. i drove to the other side of the garage and went inside macy's. apparently there's more than one macy's and i had to enter the mall to get to the right macy's. i passed by a long line of children dressed up in costumes waiting for free halloween treats, some kind of mall event. i picked up my order. unfortunately they don't validate parking (unlike sear's) so i had to pay $3 to exit the garage. heading back home, i noticed the "going out of business" signs plastered all over the windows of sear's.

i caught a glimpse of the latest news when i left the cafe: whitney bulger killed in jail. i turned to NPR on the car radio to hear the latest updates. i was surprised but wasn't shocked. when it was revealed that perhaps a mafia enforcer had taken bulger out, it made even more sense. bulger wasn't just running from the FBI. getting caught by the FBI was actually better than the alternative, which was getting caught by the mafia.

i got the corningware french white 10-pc. bakeware set on sale for $24.95 (now back to $79.99). i got it really for the 2 oval dishes with matching glass lids (2.5 qt and 1.5 qt). i used to have a nice white oval baking dish but at cracked at some point and i had to throw it out. it also came with 2 15 oz. serving dishes and 2 4 oz. ramekins.

for dinner i reheated some frozen leftover chili.