i woke up at 8am to catch the monster dash 5k running out of central square at 9am. yesterday's all day rain had just stopped hours ago so it was still wet outside. i briefly thought about skipping it but i was also going to bike down to chinatown afterwards so might as well get started. i left the house sometime after 8:40am. it took 10 minutes to get to the intersection of sidney street and mass ave, avoiding puddles along the way. there was a small drizzle, but more likely just foggy condensation.

the cambridge superhero 5k was the original costumed halloween run. however, in recent years, the newly created boston costume run has pilfered a lot of former clientele, and now the superhero run seems to be a shell of its former self. maybe as a way to revitalize itself, the run has been rebranded as the monster dash 5k. most likely due to the rain, many runners weren't even in costumes, and there seems to be less runners than in past.

after the runners went past sidney and mass ave, i biked then walked a few blocks to brookline street, where the runners were circling back to the finish line.

afterwards i biked towards boston across the mass ave bridge, riding on the lefthand side so i could go down the pedestrian pathway onto the charles river bike trail. from there i took another pedestrian overpass to get onto clarendon street, cutting through copley square, the south end, and finally to ming's market on the outskirts of chinatown at 10am. i was actually afraid it wouldn't be opened yet but there were already long lines of people waiting to checkout. i was there to pick up some tapioca pearls, a head of chinese cabbage, and some 上海菜.

next i went to nearby chinatown cafe to get lunch. once again i was afraid they might be closed (10:30am) but was happy to see they were opened. i got my usual - R45 salt and pepper pork chops - and paid with a $100 bill (i first asked them if they'd accept it). i brought my insulated grocery bag and wrapped the food in that before strapping it to the back of my rear rack.

i came back via the charles river bike path, crossing into cambridge from the mass ave bridge. i finally got home by 11:20am. my food was still hot and i ate lunch while waiting for sunday's lineup of NFL games. i only managed to eat half, saving the rest for dinner.

it was a rare sunday when my schedule wasn't revolved around the patriots game, since new england doesn't play until tomorrow night (monday night football against the buffalo bills). i thought about doing some cleanup in my community garden plot, but with the amount of rain we received yesterday, conditions were still very wet, so better to wait for a drier day. lounging on the couch, eventually i fell asleep with the TV on, waking up only when it got dark so i had to close the blinds.

the highlight of today was of course game 5 of the world series between the red sox and dodgers. david price was pitching against clayton kershaw. boston wasted no time to score 2 runs in the 1st inning. los angeles went on the offensive as well, scoring a run of their own in the 1st as well. the next 4 innings were scoreless. starting in the 6th, the red sox managed to score a run in each remaining inning, bring the score up to 5-1. each run was like a nail in the coffin of los angeles' season. i actually felt a little sad, but for the dodgers, but rather the fact that the season was about to be over, that there would be no more baseball until next year. price pitched for 7 innings, joe kelly for 1 inning, and chris sales for the final inning. when he came in it was like our best pitching ace coming in to close out the game, i couldn't imagine what the dodgers were feeling. the last batter to be up was manny machado. sales struck him out swinging and the red sox won the world series.

i actually walked down to harvard square at midnight, hoping to see some impromptu celebration. but the square was quiet, you could almost hear crickets. i didn't even see any police presence. elsewhere, in boston, around the kenmore square around, things were much more lively, as college kids rushed the streets. i only saw this from television. all the local news channels were still broadcasting until the wee hours of the night. now all we have to do is wait for the victory parade.