if you woke up really early, like 5-6am, you might've seen a dry outdoor. but by the time i woke up, it was already raining. today was a total washout. i never really understood that expression until today. it rained the whole day, from morning until night, never once letting up, just a steady rain. it was also windy, enough so that it made me worry that the large diseased maple street in front of my parents' place might finally topple over. i asked my sister to check on out later in the afternoon but she was already home.

a good day to stay indoors, not that i had any choice. lot of my neighbors did the same, as cars outside remained parked all day. a host of activities was in store for today, all of which were cancelled: the annual boston costume run in copley square and the annual canine promenade on the esplanade.

it was so dark outside i decided to close the blinds and turn on the lights. i made an english muffin sandwich for lunch, alternating between chocolate milk and hot tea. i watched a few episodes of the good cop on netflix, the latest episode (2) of the rookie, and the english horror the legacy (1978).

though it was wet, it wasn't very cold, with temperature in the 50's. i stayed warm with a fleece throw, lounging on the couch, watching my shows from my macbook pro. in the late afternoon i fell asleep briefly, waking up when i heard the strong winds topple something over outside.

the highlight of this saturday was of course game 4 of the world series beginning at 8pm. i turned on the heat in the evening, took a hot shower, and heated up my remaining two slices of chicken pot pie for dinner. afterwards i had a slice of tiramisu, which had been thawing in the fridge since this morning.

i stayed up until 3:30am last night watching the end of the 18-inning game 3 from bed. the longest world series game on record (7-1/2 hours), it was essentially 2 full games for the price of 1. red sox lost but i was just relieved for the game to be finally over. nathan eovaldi was amazing pitching for the red sox, throwing for 7 shutout innings (not true: 13th inning red sox scored a run only to have the dodgers get one right back) until he finally gave up the winning solo homerun for the dodgers.

tonight's game 4 seemed like a continuation of last night's game, with neither teams able to score. then the offense finally broke in the 6th inning, when los angeles scored 4 runs, bringing the score to 4-0 with just 3 innings left in the game. it didn't look good for the red sox, given how ineffective boston's offense was. but boston found their bat as well, scoring a 3-run homer in the 7th inning to bring the game 4-3. the tension for los angeles was palpable, sensing the red sox was making their inevitable comeback. then in the 8th, disaster happened for the dodgers when the red sox scored another run, tying the game 4-4. oh no, i imagined all dodgers fans murmuring. oh no. oh no indeed. could tonight be another repeat of last night, another 18th inning game?

on top of the 9th and final inning, red sox scored 5 runs, bringing the score to 9-4. i imagined fair weather dodger fans were leaving for the exit by that point. los angeles made it interesting though, scoring a 2-run homer at the bottom of the 9th, bringing the score to 9-6. there was the glimmer of hope, but red sox closer kimbrel finally shut that door. game 4 thankfully ended a few minutes past midnight. red sox are now up 3-1 in the series, just need another victory to win the world series (hopefully tomorrow night).