i had the day all mapped out - post office, early voting, supermarket, final paint prep - but then it all got rained on. it happened after i dropped off frances' 2nd package at the porter square post office and then went to michael's to get another jumbo muffin tin. when i left the store i saw it was raining outside. nothing torrential, but it was a steady rain, cold and wet. i checked the weather this morning (like i usually do) and i didn't see any mention of rain. it ended up raining all the way into the afternoon.

i was using my old (2006?) canon LiDE 70 scanner to copy some receipts for frances when i noticed it was no longer working. my MBP told me the driver wasn't installed even though it was still able to recognize the scanner when i used the canoscan toolbox app. i reinstalled the driver and scanning tool (hasn't been updated since OSX 10.7, i'm currently on 10.13) but it still didn't work. i noticed the last time i scanned was back in june, before i sent in my computer for repairs and got a replacement. so something happened during the move. i even installed a trail version of vuescan (the swiss army knife of scanning software) but it didn't work. i was ready to give up (maybe buy a newer scanner) but reinstalled the canon driver one more time and finally got it to work.

i biked down to the cafe around 2:45pm when it looked like the rain had stopped and things were starting to clear up a bit. temperature was in the upper 40's and the air still felt cold and wet. i gave my 2nd aunt some 50% off michael's coupons, in case if she wanted to get some more yarn for her small knitting projects. my sister's godmother was there at the cafe as well. i stopped my sister's place, where she gave me some frozen broth.

now that the rain had stopped, i still had time to salvage the rest of the day. i went to to the main cambridge public library to do some early voting. coming back, i went to market basket to grab some ingredients for making a chicken pot pie and some lunch (prosciutto arugula goat cheese egg english muffin sandwich).

even though the rain had stopped, around 5pm it got unusually dark outside but i could also see glimmers of strong sunlight. i opened the blinds to get some photos when i noticed it: a rainbow in the sky! i grabbed my camera and went outside. there was also a rainbow yesterday but i completely missed it, so i was glad to see the sequel. not only that, but this one was also a double rainbow. i saw people in the streets taking photos with their phone. the rainbow was only there for a short while; some clouds started passing through, obscuring the rainbow.

i just had some granola and yogurt for lunch. for dinner, spinach & cheese ravioli with arugula tomato sauce plus a plate of roasted garlic salt asparagus. i ate while watching game 2 of the world series. midway through julie texted me with some game commentary. red sox ended up winning again, series is now 2-0. game 3 is on friday in los angeles.