there would be no paint prep work today as the forecast called for afternoon rain. it gave me a chance to run some other errands. after preparing one of frances' shipments, i packed it in the car (it almost didn't fit) and went to market basket to get a few things for the cafe. i stopped at the cafe to drop off the stuff before driving to the belmont post office to mail frances' shipment.

why belmont? because there's free curbside parking. i went inside with a mother carrying for 3 young children behind me. the two boys were running around the post office while their exhausted mother was desperately trying to get them under control. it's always slow at the post office and there's always a line, no matter which one i go to. when it was finally my turn, there was some complications as the clerk wasn't sure if they could accept my shipment because the box was too large. she took a few measurements and told me the volume was a few inches more than maximum. but i'd already paid the postage, she at least their postal system said it was okay. she said it was up to me, but there was a chance they'd return the package. i said i was willing to risk it.

i returned to my parents' place where i had a korean noodle cup for lunch. room temperature was just 55°F so i turned up the heat to 60°. i was prepared to wait until they picked up the trash in the afternoon so i could bring the bins back inside. my sister dropped by briefly on her way out to take hailey for a walk. originally they were going to the forest but with imminent rain approaching, she decided to just take a stroll around fresh pond instead, where she could also do some early voting as well at the water treatment plant.

after she left i drove to the blanchard street true value hardware store to see if they sold any hay bales. i didn't see any outside, so i went in to ask one of the clerks. he wasn't the nicest man, yelling back that he couldn't hear me after i asked him a question. however they did carry hay bales (salt marsh grass to be exact, even better), and one of the younger employees told me out back to show me. i ended up buying a bale for $11 (not including taxes), which the employee helped carry to the trunk of the car.

i needed the salt marsh grass to cover up the red korean garlic cloves i've planted. i have way my hay than i need, and will probably use up the rest to cover up the raised beds so squirrels don't dig up everything. as rain wasn't expected until 2pm at the earliest, i began working in the backyard again, figuring i could tolerate even a little shower. the projects this time was shoring up some of the broken raised beds with long screws and then to dig up the scallions and small garlics from RB2 and replant them. i saved most of the scallions but the garlic bulbs i ended up just scattering them haphazardly, some i planted in RB1 with the other small garlic bulbs while the rest i planted in the southern bed along the brick border. i figured it wasn't worth saving these since i'll have a large batch of red korean garlics by next season.

i left by 2:30pm when the trash trucks look the last of the garbage (garden refuse).

i went to star market to get some snacks then to the liquor store to get some hard cider as well as to buy a mega millions ticket. the liquor store owner was joking it shouldn't even be called mega millions since the prize was now up to $1.6 billions. it should more accurately be called the giga billions jackpot.

of course tonight's main event was game 1 of the world series between the los angeles dodgers and the boston red sox here at fenway park. i made some beef noodles and parked myself in front of the television by 8pm to watch. red sox had an early lead, dodgers only ever managed to tie (a few times), but a 3 run homer in the 7th inning by boston seemed to take the wind out of LA's sail and the red sox ended up winning the game, 8-4.

the mega millions lottery drawing was at 11pm. i didn't win, but at least i managed to match one number. there's still the power ball jackpot tomorrow night at $620 millions.