i was going to go to the cafe early to do more paint prep work. i even had on my paint stained work jeans. but i got stuck in tech support hell when i tried to create a new e-mail account for my sister and discovered it wasn't working. sending yes, receiving no. the bounce back message was weird too, like it knew the account existed, just wouldn't recognize it. i was then on instant chat with a webhost tech support. he did some behind the scene stuff, reset something twice, neither of which worked. my webhost recently did a mass migration of mail services and this must've been a leftover bug. my tech support person kicked up my issue to somebody higher up.

i didn't get to the cafe until after 2pm. when i saw my father gathering up the paint equipment at the house a few days ago, i knew he wouldn't have everything. when i checked the equipment he had at the cafe, these were the things that was missing: five-in-one paint scraper, heat gun, caulk, wood filler, sanding pads, tarp, dust mask, gloves. i went over to my sister's place to inspect the porch one more time from the multi-ladder, to see what additional prep work needed to be done. that's when i received the presidential alert text message test, along with everybody who has a cell phone. across the street i saw someone looking at her phone just as i was checking mine. later my father and i went down into the cafe basement and found some more paint equipment, including pouring lid for the paint cans, scrapers, and brushes.

i went to belmont to look for the rest of the missing paint equipment. i found some in the garage, some in the sun room, and some in the basement. i left it by the door, so my parents could bring it with them tomorrow morning. i returned home by 4pm.

i finished one of the smaller tubs of guacamole from yesterday, first with baby carrots, then with corn chips. i still have 2-3 more tubs of guacamole to go. can too much guacamole be unhealthy? i want to say the answer is no. i did add salt to the dip though, but without it the guacamole would be too bland.

my father called me in the evening to ask me to look online for ways to repair a ham radio that's been fried because the polarity were reversed, which was exactly what happened tonight with the TYT radio when he connected it directly to the battery but got the wires crossed. it blew the fuse, but when he replaced it with a new one, the new fuse got really hot so he disconnected it. the radio never came back to life.

after i finished my dinner of hot dogs, i took the motorcycle to belmont to see what was the problem. my mother was laughing, because my father had called me again but i didn't answer because i was on the motorcycle, and my mother guessed i was on the belmont. first step was to open up the TYT radio, but it used torx screws that my father didn't have the right sizes for so we weren't able to open it. i didn't know that reversing the polarity of a powered electronic can fry it. if it was me, i might've made the same mistake. there might be a chance we can still fix it if only the internal diode was fried. but if other components were damaged, then we're out of luck. my father was thinking of solutions, maybe bring it with him to taiwan to see if anyone there might be able to fix it, or maybe ask our family friend xiao xiu who's really good with electronics. when we looked online to see the price for a new TYT, two way radios (the most reputable US dealer) had it for $170, but they were out of stock and didn't plan on selling anymore as the radio violated FCC regulations. the going price on a 9800 is still $200.

i returned home by 9pm. i watched the rachel maddow show for a little bit, streaming from an illegal MSNBC source. i still don't understand why NBC doesn't make MSNBC more accessible. like a roku channel.

my sister had her dog genetically tested. we always thought hailey was a black labrador-hound mix, but the test showed that she has zero labrador genes. surprisingly, she's 25% border collie, though you couldn't tell from looking at her. she does however like to herd people during hikes, which may come from her border collie genes. she also has a lot of hound genes 37.5%, but nothing purebred, just a melting pot of many different hounds.