i started the morning doing a proper nandroid backup using TWRP recovery on my oneplus one android phone. i had made a nandroid backup a few days ago, but it was using a terminal app that tried to save the backup directly to my computer. that backup file was suspiciously small (2GB) and abruptly ended before the status bar could complete (i only saw it 20% finished) so i was leary that it was a full backup. so today i did it the normal way, which is to save the backup file on the phone.

once that was complete, i copied it manually from my phone to my mac. i was just going to do a drag-and-drop, but i read that there could be invisible files, and safer to do a transfer using adb with terminal commands. the whole backup (with compression) was about 6GB, and it was a single file, but rather a directory with nearly 2 dozen files (boot, system, data backups compressed and split).

for lunch i had a coffee, a blueberry greek yogurt, and the final half of my date-filling mooncake with salted egg yolk. it was rainy and cold outside for most of the day. i also wanted to clean my fish tank but once again never got around to it.

i started installing the resurrection remix ROM (6.1). i copied the ROM and corresponding gapps onto the phone. i then did a wipe and factory reset. the direction also said to format the data if my storage is unencrypted, so i did that as well. that turned out to be a mistake because when i went to go flash the ROM, everything on the phone was gone. so i recopied the ROM and gapps and reinstalled again. unlike when i installed lineage, i learned my lesson and installed the ROM and gapps at the same time.

i rebooted after it finished installing. i waited anxiously for the boot animation to finish and drop me into the desktop. i was given the option of choosing between the google launcher, nova, or trebuchet. so resurrection remix (RR) doesn't have its own launcher? i picked trebuchet first, but when i saw that there was nothing special, and that customization was built into the system settings, i switched to the nova launcher. the system was downloading all the apps i used from the last cloud backup, which was about 80 apps. it took a while, partly because after the 8th app the installation got stuck which i fixed simply by rebooting once i realized 40 minutes later what had happened. while that was going on, i went into the RR configuration settings. talk about customization! seems like everything little thing in the system could be customized. i was interested in changing the battery status icon from a battery to a circle, to match cyanogen OS.

my sister came to pick me up in the afternoon for a community meeting at atwood's tavern in east cambridge. my parents' cafe was selected to take part in a free cambridge commercial recycling pilot program. we arrived a few minutes before 3pm and the place was already pretty packed. my sister said it was a mandatory meeting, but it seemed more like an information session. commercial recycling pickups will be twice a week (mondays and thursdays west of inman square) and the most important thing seems to be keeping contaminants out of the recycling bins, that only recyclables should be recycled. they're pretty strict as to what can be recycled; basically if you have doubts, then it's probably not recyclable.

back at home i continued tweaking RR. it crashed on me twice, the first time the phone rebooting on its own, the second time the system froze and i fixed it by rebooting it manually. one thing i noticed under the security & privacy settings, when i hit the "trust" option, it said that SELinux wasn't enforced. i wasn't sure what that was, and there was no way of turning it on, although i do remember it was enforced in lineage. when i went to go turn on smart lock, it said i couldn't do it until i set a screen lock. however, once i set a screen lock (using a pattern), the phone suddenly froze. i rebooted it a few times but every time i passed the screen lock it would just freeze, wouldn't go to the desktop.

so it was an easy choice to return to lineage. i've been using lineage for nearly a week now, and never once has it crashed on me. i've been using RR for just a few hours, and it's already crashed multiple times. during this past week, lineage also did an OTA update of the system. it seems lineage is just more reliable and stable. i like all the customization features of RR, but the only real reason why i tried it was just to change the battery status icon, which is a very minor detail. i rather have stability so i'm going back to lineage.

taking a break, i decided to make another batch of guacamole with the avocados i bought on friday. i didn't want to wait for them to get overripe, but when i cut them up, some parts were already dark, though better than last time. it'd be nice to make a batch of guacamole for once that didn't use rotten avocados! but i always thought it was very difficult to keep avocados from bruising or turning dark. i didn't have any tomatoes this time, but i had everything else: onions, jalapeño peppers, garlic, lime juice. i also added 2 tsp of kosher salt this time instead of just 1-1/2 because my mother said the previous batch was too bland. so also said it wasn't spicy enough, but i still scooped out the pepper seeds because i didn't want the seeds in my guacamole. this latest batch had more flavor, but i have so much of it, looks like i'll be snacking on guacamole for the rest of the week.

it was time to go back to lineage. good thing i made a nandroid backup earlier, but it was also a moment of truth, to see if the backup actually worked or not. first i had to copy it back onto the phone. that took a while, transferring 6GB via adb using USB 2.0. once the transfer finished i tried looking for the backup in TWRP recovery, but unfortunately it couldn't detect any. using the built-in file browser, i went digging, and found the nandroid nestled deep inside the TWRP folder: /TWRP/TWRP/BACKUPS/110f6dc9/2018-10-02--09-48-46_lineage_bacon. i moved the nandroid directory up into the main TWRP folder; the recovery was finally able to see it. i left it to recover from the backup.

i noticed something was off when the phone rebooted on its own. instead of the lineage boot animation, it was showing the RR animation. not only that, it seemed to be stuck in an infinite loop, and i finally had to reboot back into recovery. i realized right away what i did wrong: i forgot to do a full wipe! i did that (but didn't format the data, otherwise i'd lose the backup which i spent all that time copying back onto the phone) and tried to restore a second time.

that seemed to do the trick. after it finished restoring, it gave me the option of rebooting (instead of rebooting automatically). right away i knew i was in good shape when i saw the lineage boot animation. shortly afterwards it displayed the lock screen. i input the correct pattern and i entered the desktop. everything was just the way i left it this morning when i did the backup. i didn't have to adjust anything.

if i had a another android phone i might be tempted to reinstall resurrection remix. it seems pretty robust, just a pity it wasn't very stable and kept crashing. but my oneplus one is my daily driver despite not being able to make phone calls (for that i use my iphone 5s, which is also my daily camera), so i couldn't have it out of commission for very long while i fiddle around with the ROM.

for dinner it was more hot dogs. i haven't done much in ways of cooking these past few weeks. can't even remember the last time i cooked. before hot dogs there were the raviolis, and ramen, and leftover ribs and sausages. i think you'd have to go back nearly a month to find the last time i cooked something: rice noodle with chicken broth made from leftover rotisserie chicken. i'm overdue for some homemade dish, but i currently lack food imagination.

i ordered some pants and jeans off of gapoutlet.com. with discount and a coupon, each pair of pants came out to about $20, which is about the maximum i'll ever pay for pants. a lot of my jeans have rips on the rear end from too much biking. i still wear them and i've never received comments, mostly because people are probably too embarrassed to say anything about it. i like ordering pants from gap online because i can tailor them to my exact specifications and they have them in the length that i want.

stormy daniels returned to the kimmel show to plug her new book. it was pure cringe yet hard to look away, especially when she gave more details about her interactions with donald trump.