my father cut up one of the buttercup squashes we picked yesterday, the one with the soft stem. he cooked it into some rice porridge. unlike the smaller squash we harvested accidentally a few days ago (it fell off its stem), this one wasn't as sweet.

i brought superglue from my house so we could seal up the apple magsafe adapter we fixed yesterday. i also brought some c-clamps to hold the case in place while the glue dries. with the superglue i also sealed the crack on the magsafe cord of the newer adapter, and then we used transparent self-sealing silicone tape to wrap up the rip along with the base of the cord (the weakest point and most likely where future tears might happen). later i whipped up another batch of sangria.

we also did some more soldering, attaching header pins to one of my raspberry pi w. we still need to practice, but the soldering points were much better compared to the ones we did yesterday, finally starting to get the hang of it.

the dolphins-patriots game was at 1pm. coming into foxboro stadium, miami has a 3-0 record while new england is at 1-2. the game started with the dolphins seemingly playing better but didn't score any points. the pats relied heavily on the run offense (not sure why, maybe they saw that as a miami weekend defending the runs) and were very effective, putting up points in the board, scoring touchdown after touchdown. new pats wide receiver josh gordon started his first game with the team, catching a pair of throws. miami couldn't get it going and it was beginning to look like maybe new england would shut them out but in the 4th quarter the dolphins finally scored a touchdown of their own, not to win the game, but at least for pride reasons for not getting shut out. the pats have a short week, their next game against the colts is on thursday.

i only had a sip of sangria for dinner as i was still riding home on the motorcycle.