i spent the morning waiting for the rain to stop so i could go down to haymarket, which has been my recent friday routine. i had the last of my mooncakes for lunch along with some coffee. even though the rain had mostly stopped by noontime (though it was still cloudy for the rest of the day), stuck around so i could watch the judiciary committee vote on whether or not to move confirmation vote to the senate floor. earlier i'd thought they were actually going to vote on kavanaugh's confirmation, but it was just a vote on a vote, if that makes any sense.

as 1:30pm drew near, i watched the coverage streaming from MSNBC signed in using my parents' verizon FIOS account. i snacked on some baby carrots. everything seemed normal until the democrats feverishly conferring with one another. senator grassley left at one point, then came back, then left, then came back again, along with senator flake. a few democrat senators were smiling. before the committee took their vote, flake was allowed to speak, and he said in order to get his support on the senate floor, he would like the FBI to have a week to look into the allegations of sexual assault in kavanaugh's past. without agreeing one way or another, senator grassley suddenly opened the vote. the democratic senators weren't even sure what was happening, particularly feinstein, who seemed confused as to what they were actually voting on. once the vote was complete (11-10 to allow the confirmation vote to proceed), grassley just as abruptly adjourned the committee (some obscure rule that committees have to close by 2pm on fridays). so what happened? it wasn't until later that there was confirmation that the kavanaugh vote would be suspended for one week to allow further FBI investigation. what political drama!

i was ready to leave for haymarket by 2:30pm. temperature was only in the 50's as i changed into some pants and wore my light jacket. i also put on my waterproof merrell hiking shoes, the funky smell exorcised after a few days with the activated carbon inserts. i left my bike partially covered in the rain and as i rolled it out i could hear the squeaking brakes. i rolled the bike back into the backyard and did some quick repairs, readjusting the front and rear brake cables and realigning the front wheel so it wouldn't rub against the brake pad. i didn't leave until almost 3pm.

the roads for the most part were dry, with occasional puddles i have to avoid to prevent splashing. i made it down to haymarket in just 23 minutes, not bad especially with brakes that no longer rubbed against the wheel rims. i'd contacted me sister earlier, said i was going to haymarket. not that she'd ever buy cheap produce, but she mentioned a few times that she wanted to go to boston market next door to pick up a few things, so i volunteered to get what she wanted, just some spice blends from soluna farms.

afterwards i went browsing in haymarket. the only thing i knew i wanted to get was more black plums. they were out of the really tasty red-fleshed oranges from last time (4/$1), but i found similar ones elsewhere (3/$1), they're cara cara oranges apparently. there was still kind of a misting drizzle, but not enough to get wet, and i overheard one of the vendors say he actually prefers this kind of weather. i also wanted to get some kabocha squash if they had any. only one vendor had them, but it was the same vendor who wouldn't weigh my produce when i asked a while back, and i promised myself i would never buy anything from them ever again. besides, at $3/squash, i think i can find cheaper kabocha elsewhere.

i left by 4pm, returning straight home instead of going to the cafe because it was getting kind of late. since i bought a fresh supply of avocados, i finished the guacamole i made from last friday.

my apple magsafe 1 to magsafe 2 adapter arrived in the mail today. i won it used off of ebay, $5 for the adapter, $2 for shipping. buying it new from apple is $10. it's kind of an overpriced ripoff for some metal and a magnet, but it'll allow me to use the old magsafe (1) adapter with my new macbook pro (magsafe 2) so i don't have to carry the charger with me.

in the evening i watched the documentary, three identical strangers (2018), about a set of triplets that were separated at birth who then one day discovered one another. later i streamed the NBA preseason game between the celtics and the hornets, i could even chromecast it even though it seemed to be an illegal feed. for dinner i made some hot dogs.

playing around with nova launcher last night on my oneplus one phone, i discovered a few more cool features. i learned how to create tabs in the app drawers. initially i was just using text names, but i realized you could also use emojis, which i've already done for folders. i also turned on the infinite scroll feature of the desktop, so i can scroll back and forth between the desktop pages. the fatures on nova launcher are robust enough i'm beginning to wonder if i should even bother with the hassle of trying out resurrection remix. but i should do it before i get too attached, otherwise i'll never try it and will just stick with lineage/nova.