hurricane florence remnants grazed past cambridge today, darkening the sky, sending downpours that flooded local streets, serious enough that i received a loud EMS alert on my phone warning of flash flooding. it was so dark in fact that today was the lowest solar production we ever had (5.19KWh), not since mid-april was it lower (4.42KWh). there was so much rain that it flooded the storm drains and the streets became rivers. i watched as empty trash cans floated on the water like boats.

i made another cup of coffee using the moka pot, this time adding more boiled water in the lower chamber. i used a package of fresh coffee, new england coffee brand colombian supremo. i heated half a cup of almond milk for 20 seconds in the microwave before pouring in the coffee. to that i scooped 3 teaspoon of sugar, which was definitely too much. today's brew was much better in flavor, not as bitter, and i could better taste the coffee.

i came home with plenty of leftover barbecue last night, so i'm going to be eating well for the next few days. besides coffee, i had a curry beef pastry, a sausage, and some scallion pancakes for lunch. when evening rolled around, i heated up 4 ribs and ate a barbecued corn on the cob while waiting.

i continued testing the repaired MBP, still no problems. i opened up the case and swapped out the 4GB memory with the 8GB, still no problems. i'll test it one more day before replying to the repair shop to let them know the computer is finally fixed. still later, i added the secondary 500GB hard drive, still no problems.

i dug out my old dell hackintosh. it's been a few years, the battery level was down to 0% so i gave it a charge. my father's interested in taking it with him when my parents go to taiwan next month. running OSX 10.6.8 with a 1024x600 screen and weighing just 2.6 lbs., it has a 1.6GHz intel core solo processor, 2GB of RAM, and surprised to find a 1TB hard drive. the machine is like a time capsule of the time i spent in china from 2013-2014. there's only 5GB of space left on the hard drive, but i think the bulk of the storage are photos which can be easily erased (i have multiple backups anyway).