i made a trip to market basket in the early afternoon before leaving for haymarket in boston. it was warm enough that i changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. they were all out of the larger speckled pluots, but one vendor still had the smaller yellow ones for 5/$1. i bought 10. also: 4 avocados for $2, 10 black plums for $2, box of blueberries $1.50, 2 boxes of black mission figs $2, box of multicolored cherry tomatoes $1, 4 bunches of scallions $1, and 1 bunch of cilanto $1.

i biked directly to the cafe to unload my haymarket haul. i left with a container of fried rice for dinner.

finally i went to star market, where they were a few things on sale, including classico tomato sauce and stouffer's frozen lasagna. they already have their autumn decorations and halloween candy on sale.

after reading up on the emerald ash borer, i'm now obsessed with ash trees. yesterday while walking to the cafe i saw my first ash tree on linnaean street. i knew it was an ash because for some reason it had an embossed identification tag. and then just today i discovered another ash tree, this one on harris street. i first became aware of it through it's distinctive samaras all over the ground, and then when i looked up the leaves and bark seem to correspond to an ash tree. native ash trees are critically endangered in the united states due to the ash borers.

i've been sleeping really late every day this week, anywhere from 3-4am. i'm going to try and get some earlier sleep tonight, catch up on my backlog.