there was perhaps a bit of rain in the morning but it was dry for the most part, though cloudy throughout the entire day. i of course did nothing but stay inside the house, too lazy even to get groceries though i still had enough food in fridge (my cargo bike is in belmont anyway). i'll go tomorrow, along with the library (to return that robert moses graphic novel) and the pharmacy (pick up the prescription refills that my doctor authorized today). if it's dry enough i'm also going to take down the AC, i don't think we're having anymore heat waves.

GC contacted me via wechat, it took me a while to realize where the chime noises were coming from. he asked if he could get a receipt for his 2 month stay, that his university would be able to reimburse him for the amount. so actually his summer in cambridge was mostly free, and i don't feel bad at all charging him what i did. in fact, i probably could've charged him more if i knew his school was paying for his rent.

my father called in the evening to let me know my replacement windshield arrived today. i had a feeling it would, but it showed up late (after 5pm) so i would've wasted a whole day if i'd gone and waited. i will of course install it tomorrow, excited to have a brand new clear windshield.

i downloaded a copy of bob woodward's fear, the trump exposé. i also snagged the audio book, which sounds like some kind of political thriller. one day a movie will be made about this administration. the book makes some of the actors sound much smarter than i would've believed. so much stuff happened behind the scene, trump is merely the public face, and though he sometimes seems to exert his executive power, the true power are his handlers, who cajole and placate trump into doing what they think should be done. it's really pretty fascinating.

i discovered a few days ago that i still had a spare ESP8266 modeMCU board, despite ordering 3 more off of ebay. i also found a temperature/humidity sensor, it'll give me a chance to code my own manual IoT device without using a commercial paid service like ubidots.

i had a ham and honey mustard sandwich for lunch, some guacamole and chips as an afternoon snack, some oven-baked french bread pizza for dinner. i didn't make too much trash this week, so i didn't bother throwing anything out. i have some compostable waste but i seemed to have solved my fruit fly problem when i stopped using the green bin for a few weeks.