i wanted to polish off the scratches on my motorcycle windshield today. when i got to belmont however, not only could we not find the electric drill, but i couldn't remove the windshield using the socket wrenches, there just wasn't enough clearance, i need some flat combination wrenches to remove it.

my experiment growing some hardneck garlic i found left over in my new community garden last year wasn't all that successful. true, i managed to increase my overall amount of garlic bulbs from my original amount, but the bulbs that grew don't seem to be all that large, about the size of a chestnut at most. i ended up with 0.80 lbs. of bulbs that could break apart into cloves and replant, but who knows how many more years before they'd be big enough to eat?

that's why i went online looking for other bulbs i could buy: the bigger the cloves, the bigger the garlic. there are gardening stores on the internet that sell different varieties of garlic, with the going price about $15 for half a pound, not including shipping. the cheapest ones i found were on ebay, a whole pound of red korean garlic for $15 with free shipping. i wanted to think about it, but by the time i checked in the early evening the supply had dwindled just to one, so i took the plunge and purchased it. i did try eating one of the small garlic bulbs. it wasn't very spicy, and in fact tasted sweet with a sour aftertaste. i'm hoping the red korean garlics will have a stronger flavor.

the potted cupcake cosmos finally bloomed its first flower today, a white one. confined to a pot, i don't know how well it'll survive. i'm hoping to collect the seeds and resow them again next spring for more flowers. i tried growing some last year but rabbits ate them all.

we grilled some vegetables on the barbecue, the corn i bought yesterday along with some sliced garden zucchini. we also had a rack of packaged baby back ribs which we put on the grill almost as an afterthought. having tasted costco's st.louis style dry rub ribs, all other store-bought ribs pale in comparison.

i finished watching the last 3 episodes of tom clancy's jack ryan, after getting my mother hooked on the show before i left. i like how the storyline pretty much concluded by the last episode, even though i know there's already a season 2 in the works. i don't like series that finish open-ended.