under a heat advisory warning, i rode the bicycle to belmont to get the car in order to pick up my parents from their cruise friday morning. despite the heat, i went via bike because i could put it in the back of the car and drive it back to my place; that means after i get my parents on friday, they can simply drop me off afterwards.

my other reason to go to belmont this morning was so i can bring in the trash cans. of course when i got there, i noticed many other neighbors haven't brought their trash in as well, because apparently the town never came by to collect garden refuse. our next door neighbor is also repaving their driveway, and there were a group of suspicious looking contractors working outside, their heavy equipment taking up most of the space in front of the neighbor's house.

before i left, i spent about half an hour watering the garden. there's a forecast of rain beginning tomorrow afternoon so i won't need to water the rest of the week.

i made it back home by noontime. i was hungry, but more thirsty, and pulled out a tray of cold watermelon cubes from the fridge. maybe it was the heat, but i didn't feel very hungry after that, eating the last of the french yogurt in the afternoon, more of a snack. my sister came by with hailey to drop off some lamb meatballs and orzo.

much like yesterday, i turned on the living room AC intermittently. in the early evening i did a bit of vacuuming, didn't want to discover dog hair everywhere. there was a GLX meeting in davis square at 6pm, but i decided to skip it after browsing some online info on the project. but i'm really interested in is where are the stations and what do they look like. i saw confusing diagrams, but i'd rather see some 3D mockups. there's also plans of extending the minuteman bike trail so that it follows the GLX line all the way to lechmere and the charles river.

solar production was a little disappointing today, we barely made it above 40+, with just 40.67 kWh. i was somehow hoping we'd get closer to 50 kWh. production was strong this morning but by afternoon big puffy clouds started appearing in the sky, occasionally blotting out the sun. now these final 2 days of august we need to make a combined total of 55 kWh to reach 1MWh.

for dinner i had the lamb meatball orzo my sister left for me. tomorrow i'm going to dogsit hailey for a few hours at my sister's place while she does personal chef work. it'll also give me a chance to see if i can set up the automated time machine backup with her fancy asus router. i'm only staying long enough before the rain begins.