because my parents didn't have enough time before they left, this morning (10am) i rode my bike down to market basket to pick up some cafe supplies. i called my 2nd aunt beforehand to ask if there were anything else my mother might've left off of her grocery list (mayonnaise). afterwards i went directly to the cafe to drop everything off. i then helped my sister move a bunch of cement cinder blocks from the restaurant basement, in anticipation of the fire inspector next week. not sure how cinder blocks can be considered a hazard, but we moved them anyway.

i returned home by 11:40am, ate a yoplait oui french style yogurt, served in a fancy little glass jar. i've never had french yogurt before, it tasted kind of buttery and flavorful, kind of delicious but the serving size was simply too small.

today was hot but still wasn't too terrible, with temperature in the lower 80's. it was more dry than humid. a good solar day, absolute beautiful curve in the morning that started to rollercoaster later in the afternoon, but we still produced 42.98kWh of electricity. i must've done the math wrong yesterday, because with just 4 more days left in the month, we only need to average about 34kWh a day to eke out 1000kWh total for august.

in the afternoon i took the motorcycle to the somerville target to look for boxers. the sale price i saw (50%) was only for online purchases (sold out) so i left empty-handed. i then rode to harvard square to 241 to help with the time machine backup. i thought parking would be simple but the new freshmen class is moving in this week and a lot of residential spots were reserved for moving vans. yulia was at the store, and i also bumped into her husband thinking it was michael from a distance riding the bicycle. it took but a minute or two to set up time machine onto their 1TB external hard drive.

my final stop was the community garden, where i can't remember the last time i visited. it was a jungle last time and it's still a jungle this time. many of the tomatoes are already diseased to the point where the next time i visit i should just pull them all up, maybe think about a fall crop that won't get eaten up by either slugs or rabbits.

for dinner i made another reuben sandwich. i think i've finally hit my sandwich threshold, but i still have enough corned beef to make 1-2 more sandwiches.

watched a few movies: elvira mistress of the dark (1988), art of the game: ukiyo-e heroes (2017), and more brains: a return to to the living dead (2011). i remembered elvira after catching a glimpse of her old movie macabre streaming from the shout factory channel on pluto tv. elvira the movie is very campy fun, can't believe it was made in the late 80's, still seems fresh after all these years. it reminds me of a john waters film. i was surprised by the amount of double entendre jokes, something that i totally missed when i watched it as a kid.

around midnight i retired to my own bedroom, where i could work off of a desk like a normal person and not curled up on the sofa chair. i erased my own 1TB drive and reset it for time machine backup, making sure not to copy the photos or the download folder (those i do manually because they take up a lot more space).