with no roommate around and my parents out of town, i had zero obligation this morning and slept late for the first time in a while. i woke up thinking it was 10am but turned out to be 11am already. i didn't get out of bed until half an hour later, preoccupied with surfing the web on my phone.

even though my parents weren't around, old habits die hard, and i found myself riding the motorcycle to belmont around noontime. their verizon FIOS has a much faster internet upload speed and i took advantage of it by uploading nearly 2000 worth of boston carnival photos into my google account (i'm also taking advantage of google's photo AI to turn some of my sequential snapshots into animated gif's). i had a cup of shin black noodle soup for lunch washed down with some heysong soda while watching MSNBC on cable covering john mccain's passing.

after 2pm i went outside first to prune some of the evergreen bushes in front of the house before mowing the front lawn then the backyard. the grass needed a clipping, if nothing else, at least to prevent the crabgrass from going to seed. instead of recycling the grass clippings, i bagged it this town and put it in the wire mesh compost heap. it's going to smell awful during next week's heatwave, i just need to come back and toss it a bit. by the time i made it to the backyard, it was warm and sunny enough that i went topless. i made sure not to mow over the squash and melon vines growing over the lawn.

afterwards i watered the garden, since we're not expected to get any rain until late thursday, despite the humidity and the heat. i also did some weeding, throwing what i could in the garden refuse bin, but also mowing over some weed when i still had the mower out. i also tossed some rotten vegetables, including a few korean melons and hot peppers.

today was a partially cloudy day, more sun than clouds. we ended up making 42.84kWh of electricity. at this rate, there's still a chance we can hit the 1000kWh milestone for this month provided we generate 40kWh+ per day for the next 5 days. we might have a chance but friday looks to be cloudy.

i was finally finished by 4:30pm. after a quick shower, i rode back home to cambridge. i went to star market to pick up a $4.99 watermelon, got to enjoy my melons while they're still in season. i did a load of laundry, figured today was the better day to wash/dry since it's going to be hot tomorrow.

i didn't start preparing dinner until after 8pm, just finished the leftover sausage pasta sausage along with the remaining rotini. i think this coming week i'm going to have a rotisserie chicken and saving the rest to make a chicken broth for some rice noodles, haven't had that in a long time.