i rode to belmont at 11:40am, waiting for my parents to get out from work. their luggage were already packed, waiting in the foyer. i had a korean noodle cup for lunch and went outside to water the garden. they came home by 1pm and we left by 1:30pm, for a 2-2:30pm check-in time.

we were expecting a crowd as this was the latest check-in time, and from personal experience, arriving at the cruise boat early is a waste of time since a lot of places are still closed, but surprisingly the pier was relatively empty, which made us worried that maybe we came too late. after my parents got their luggage, i drove the car back to belmont then rode the motorcycle to cambridge.

i got back to cambridge around 2:30pm. GC didn't go back to the office on his last full day here in cambridge. he did a load of laundry, made lunch, then took a nap around 3pm. i took off the removable padding on my bern bike helmet and gave it a good wash since it was caked in salty sweat stains. i also washed my bike gloves as well, the water in the sink turning a muddy brown. when GC woke up at 4:30pm, we decided to go to gyu-kaku for dinner at 6pm (hopefully to beat the rush), leaving at 5:45pm.

when we arrived at gyu-kaku they asked us if we had a reservation, even though there seemed to be plenty of empty tables. they said they had one table available but we only had an hour to eat, which was fine. i thought there was a combo course for around $40 (the harvard special julie and i had last time) but the cheapest option was the "geisha" for $52: miso soup, edamame, cabbage salad, avocado salad, fried bacon chips, white rice, kalbi short ribs, bistro hanger steak, yaki-shabu beef, beef tongue, zucchini, and chocolate lava cake with ice cream.

the customers were mostly asian for some reason. our food came quickly, as if they knew we only had an hour to eat. something else they did that i noticed as our time was nearing and end: they took away plates before we even finished with them, as if in a hurry to get us to leave. GC ended up treating, the final bill coming close to $70 after meal tax and 18% tip.