i had to use the bathroom 4 times before i was finally satisfied with my daily morning poop. the first time GC hadn't woke up yet, and i knew he was going to get up the moment i went into the bathroom, and sure enough, that's exactly what happened. i finished quickly, interrupting my usual morning routine. after he left for work i went back to my bathroom office again, but things weren't quite the same after that, i was out of balance.

i had a sizable lunch, of greek yogurt, salad, almond milk, and some asian pears.

my father called me, said that the battery in their honda element was dead, and asked if i could go back to belmont to grab the charger. it'd rained early this morning, downpours, but by noontime it was mostly dry, though the roads were still slick. i took the motorcycle to save time, the streets reeking of garbage juices as today was trash pickup day.

back at home i had some unfinished business in the bathroom, but by then it was a lost cause. the workings of my digestive system is a well-oiled machine that usually works flawlessly but doesn't like changes in its routine.

i wasn't expecting my monoprice cables to arrive tomorrow but it came today along with the mail. i bought a 6" CAT6 patch cable which was a lot shorter than i realized. i raced down to the cafe in the late afternoon to drop off the other patch cable along with the RJ45 splitter for the QYT radio, so my father could connect it to the simplex repeater but also talk on the handheld mic. i didn't think it'd work but it did. my sister's external hard drive also arrived but when i went to her place to set it up, she said she was busy, so i left. i did replace the 3ft cable between her modem and router with a 1ft CAT6 patch cable; not sure if it'll make any difference, but it makes it less cluttered, though even 1ft seems too short.

i kept telling my parents it'd rain at 4pm, even though by the afternoon the sun was out. but sure enough, at exactly 4pm the sky turned dark and it rained briefly before stopping.

GC came home sometime after 7pm. his new routine seems to be reading chinese history in the kitchen from his MBP, and then later fixing some dinner. he'll do this until almost midnight, then take a shower before going to bed. he seems bored, like he's also counting the days before he leaves, which as of now is just 55 hours away. i asked him when he was leaving on saturday, he said his flight was at 10am, so he's preparing to leave by 7am.

i found out i have so many more microSD memory cards: 2 sandisk ultra 64GB microSDXC, 1 PNY 64GB microSDXC, 2 sandisk pictor 16GB microSDHC (these small cards are for raspberry pi projects). i ran a speed test comparing those with the samsung EVO select 64GB microSDXC i use in my dSLR. the samsung card has a read/write speed of 90MBs/60MBs respectively. all the sandisk cards - regardless of capacity - were 90MBs/30MBs - good reading, poor writing. the PNY card was the worst, around 80MBs/25MBs. any SD card i get in the future will have to have a write speed of 60MBs at least.