even thought the cafe was closed today, my father went to the shop this morning to set up the simplex repeater using the QYT KT-8900 radio. it tested okay, but using our smallest power supply, it could only transmit at 16W maximum (the QYT has a maximum transmit of 25W). sometimes the audio would be faint and staticking, other times it would transmit loud and clear.

i made myself one last goat cheese prosciutto egg english muffin sandwich before leaving for belmont around 11:20am. there was a lot of activities going on in boston - the dominican parade at noontime, the fisherman's feast festivity later in the evening - but today's weather was relatively brisk (lower 70's when we've been having 80's and 90's days) so i didn't feel like being outside much. i rode the motorcycle, wearing a light jacket for the first time in months. i bumped into matt on their way out to a friend's house, armed with bottles of wine. i made sure they saw my ride away.

we all had cups of korean shin black cup (pork bone broth) noodles for lunch (purchased from costco), my parents' new favorite food.

despite the cooler weather, it was actually still pretty warm out in the sun. in the afternoon my father and i worked the backyard briefly, pulling up weeds and pruning the rampant ground spreading melon vines. my mother collected a bin of tomatoes, we picked off some cucumbers (now very much succumbing to bacterial wilt courtesy of cucumber beetles which also live in the buttercup squash flowers but doesn't affect them) and japanese eggplants.

i helped my mother update the credit card info on her insurance policies and helped them check in to their bermuda cruise next week. after dinner i returned home. the evening was spent watching the final 3 episodes of season 3 of better call saul.