i woke up at 9am; my roommate woke up nearly an hour later. a funny thing happened last night: while i was taking a shower, i noticed GC had left his glasses in the bathroom. i have no respect for people who are careless. i went to sleep, but later i heard rumblings from the other bedroom, as GC searched for his glasses in vain. i wanted to shout out, "they're in the bathroom!" but decided he should solve this problem himself. eventually he seemed to remember where it last was and i heard him going to the bathroom to retrieve them. GC also slept late last night, around 2am. i took this as a bad sign, that he's decided not to go to work tomorrow as well.

steve and paul returned to the house this morning. when paul told me they weren't spending the night, i assumed they'd returned to the island, but they may have just stayed in a nearby hotel, wanting to leave the house in pristine condition after they spent yesterday cleaning it up.

at 10am one of the tenants arrived. a friendly looking late middle aged blonde woman with curly hair and glasses, this was sara, moving in early while her husband matt was busy elsewhere. she came via uber, the back seat and trunk full of luggage that paul came out to help her carry upstairs. steve sent me a quick e-mail letting me know their tenants were moving in today, which i already knew.

GC finally left for work around 10:45am, with eliza scheduled to arrive at 11am. i had a bit of time to give the house (primarily the bathroom) a quick cleaning. when the appointed time came however, eliza sent me an e-mail telling me that was she only just leaving westwood, after some drama with her bank. instead, sara showed up again on another uber trip, this time in a minivan with even more luggage. how much stuff did they have for a 3 month stay? but who knows, maybe they've been here the whole summer already. besides, since they're here until november, they need to have some winter clothes as well, which takes up more luggage space.

eliza showed up a bit before noontime. we chatted for about half an hour before relocating to the kitchen to make some lunch. i've always been jealous of eliza's perfect vision, so i was surprised when she pulled out a pair of glasses to read the latest issue of entertainment weekly. afterwards we walked down to harvard square to get some shakes at the shake shack, drinking them in harvard yard. we began walking back to the house sometime after 2:30pm, so she'd have time to get back to westwood to pick up theo from camp.

after eliza left, i went back to harvard square, this time by bicycle, to 241 optical to help do a manual backup. michael was in the store today. it was a little busy, so i could him i'd come back in 15 minutes, going instead to the harvard bookstore to do some browsing (mostly food books). when i came back the place was empty and i was able to do a successful backup. we chatted about jumping out of a plane with a wingsuit, after eliza told me the story of her cousin's wife's sister losing her adrenaline junkie former navy seal husband in a wingsuit accident. michael told me before he was married he thought about jumping out of a plane in a wingsuit himself, after several successful skydiving attempts. nowadays he plays it safe, and i was surprised to hear he sold his motorcycles.

the sky had already darkened by the time i returned home around 4pm. soon afterwards we had a few bouts of torrential rain, the water from the broken gutter crashing down onto the back of my air conditioner. as quickly as it began, it just as quickly stopped as the bright sun glistened on the raindrops.

i contacted L2 computer again, after they didn't respond to the message i sent them on wednesday regarding the battery and charger issues. i figured they were ignoring me, hoping i'd go away since they didn't want to fix the MBP for a third time. at this point any work they do would be at a loss. they finally wrote back by day's end, said i could ship back the MBP again and they'd try to fix the power issue. i replied with my thanks and said i was sure it'd be fixed this time around.

i ate the other half of my ham and cheese sub before GC returned home before 6pm. later in the evening i was still hungry and heated up the bean paste noodles my father had dropped off a few days ago. GC finally returned to the living room as we watched 4 more episodes of better call saul (season 3).