i woke up late, around 9:20am. of course GC was sleeping late as well, since his wake schedule seems to match mine for some reason. or maybe he forgot today is a friday. when i went to use the bathroom i found drops of urine on the tiles. GC just can't help himself. it's not like he wants to pee on the floor, but he's unable to process why it's a bad thing. he's only here for about 2 more weeks though, no point in starting up that awkward conversation again.

i noticed that my new used late-2013 MBP still feels slightly warm even when i put it into sleep mode. i found out the culprit was that i enabled power nap, which allows background updates and maintenance even when the machine is sleeping. i turned it off, hopefully this will keep my mac cooler.

my trek utility bike has been running with loose brakes for a while now, but it's gotten to the point where it's dangerous and even stopping flintstone style with my feet don't seem to work anymore. i finally took the time to adjust the brakes. the back brakes seem okay, but the front brakes don't catch at all, so i tightened them a bit. the entire bike could use an overhaul, replace all the cabling and change out some aging parts like the derailleur and the front rim that's beginning to crack. the backyard mosquitoes are something fierce, and i managed to get 2 bites on the back of my neck and killed 4 mosquitoes.

i paid a visit to the community garden in the afternoon. not to water since it rained a lot yesterday and will rain throughout the weekend; more just to check on the status and pick off any ripening fruits. i left with a bag of medium tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and eggplants.

afterwards i went to market basket to get some groceries. i planned on getting a large watermelon so i brought my bungie cord netting to strap the melon to the back of my rear rack. since the watermelon was still cold, i decided to divide it up, saving half while reducing the rest into cubes. i picked a good watermelon this time, completely solid and crisp.

i did a load of laundry and threw it into the dryer before i took a shower. this gave me a chance to get rid of the stink off the clothes i washed a week ago but left the wet clothes in the washer for too long. this time they came out smelling clean.

L2 computer sent me e-mail that they had shipped back my 2012 MBP. the e-mail wasn't specific with the status but i'm assuming they managed to fix the motherboard the 2nd time around, otherwise they would've either contacted me regarding a replacement or additional repair work or simply returned my money under their repair guarantee. it's been 9 days since i shipped out the laptop. if it's truly fixed, i plan on donating the repaired macbook pro to my father.

for dinner i heated up half a jar of classico tomato sauce combined with a package of frozen spinach and cheese italian raviolis. pasta is just so filling, i didn't feel like snacking afterwards like i sometimes get. GC came home around 9pm. he and his coworkers went out to dinner in honor of a tsinghua associate professor who was back in town attending a conference. i brought out a tray of watermelon while we watched a few season 2 episodes of better call saul on netflix.