GC was in a hurry this morning, told me some coworkers managed to snag a badminton court and needed one more player. he left by 10am. after a shower, i went outside, and discovered GC had left the house key on the door. i left him a note and sent him a text that i put the key out back for him to find.

i first to the dollar store to stock up on some more beef jerky, then to star market to pick up a bag of cherries on sale. it was already a hot day, as i imagined myself hiking in these sort of conditions tomorrow. john texted me while i was out, we finalized the time and place we'd be meeting tomorrow in new hampshire (7:30am, days inn in lincoln).

i took the fuji bike and rode to belmont, trying not to go so fast that i'd break into a sweat, but i was a still a sweaty mess by the time i arrived. i had some oatmeal for lunch before we went on in the early afternoon for a supply run, first to the waltham OSJL, then to the waltham market basket. at OSJl my father was so hungry we got him a spicy italian sub and he ate in the car before continuing driving. at MB they still didn't carry the zilch jones soda but they did have the fiery cherry diet coke. i also bought a sub sandwich, half of which i'll have tomorrow morning for breakfast and the other half will be lunch on the mountain top.

after dinner i drove the camry back to cambridge. earlier my father cleaned it out, made sure the tires were okay and charged up the battery. he also put in the garmin GPS after finally finding the car recharging cable.

GC was just able to eat dinner, the house didn't smell so bad because he didn't cook up any seafood. i asked him if he could feed my fish for the next 2 days.

i've got an early morning tomorrow, wake up at 4am, leave by 5am, drive 2-1/2 hours to lincoln for a long day of hiking (8 hours at least, 8.5 miles). i scheduled to come back tuesday night, but if the weather looks nice, i might stay an additional day.