minutes after GC left for work at 9:30am, my father showed up. i went with him on a supply run, first to the everett costco to buy a new chest freezer (to replace the broken one in front of the cafe), then to restaurant depot, finally the chelsea market basket to look for sugar free zilch black cherry jones soda for a frequent customer.

the chest freezer was a small hisense model that sold for around $140. my father's been eyeballing it since last winter, in preparation for the eventual breakdown of their current chest freezers. that day was apparently today, ever since one of the hinges on their frigidaire chest freezer collapsed inwards into the lid, prevently it from closing properly and letting the cold air escape. the new freezer was surprisingly light, a single person could've dragged it onto the flatbed cart. it was also an energystar model, which is always a nice thing to have for appliances, particularly refrigerators and freezers that use a lot of electricity.

we ended up getting a few more things at costco, including a box of white nectarines ($12) that smelled like fragrant osmanthus flowers and a large watermelon ($4.99). by the time we put everything into the honda element, there was hardly anymore room and we still had to stop at two more places.

we only got a few things at restaurant depot, mostly different flavors of sparkling water. i've always thought the prices there weren't that great, but the advantage of shopping there is everything can be found in one place. as for the customers, a lot of immigrants, including some rough looking guys who i would easily believe were also into organized crime.

finally we went to the chelsea market basket, their flagship store. while my father pick up some things on his list, i went directly to the drinks aisle to look for jones soda. they had a few flavors, but none of them were sugar free. if this place didn't carry it, then very few other places would have them.

we finally returned to the cafe to drop off the supplies. i ate a piece of fried chicken for lunch and tried one of the white nectarines. they were okay, but not as sweet as white peaches. we saw white nectarines and peaches at market basket, and none of them were as fragrant as the ones we bought. after we were done with lunch, i helped my father move the chest freezer. when we unboxed it, we were disappointed to find that the freezer was dented in one of the edges. i wanted to return it for a new one, but it was only cosmetic and my father decided to keep it. we plugged it in to get it cold enough before we swapped it out, but it didn't take long, just 15 minutes before it was already cold inside. the great thing about this new freezer was it had wheels, which made moving it a lot easier. the old one didn't, but it must've had some casters on the bottom because we could still slide it easily (without scratching the floor). the new freezer seems a little smaller but not by much.

i got a ride back to cambridge, packed with some fried chicken and white nectarines. we made a quick detour to the somerville barket basket to look for sugar free jones soda, which they didn't have any either.

it was a hot day. temperature was in the 80's but felt a lot hotter because of the humidity. i blasted my air conditioner until it felt too cold before i turned it off. only to turn it back on a while later when the house heated up again.

i ate some fried chicken for dinner around 6pm, a bit early, but i didn't want my roommate to catch me eating and not sharing any with him. he did come home right when i finished. he ate dinner quietly in the kitchen then retired to his bedroom, must have a deadline or something.