after having enjoyed solo living for a week, i'd forgotten what a pain it is to have a roommate. i woke up a little after 8am, knowing GC typically wakes up at 9am, and i'd have an hour to use the bathroom. when he finally woke up at 9am, he used the bathroom for 15 minutes, before spending 40 minutes in the kitchen making and eating breakfast, and preparing his lunch as well. i'd wanted to use the bathroom but waited for him to leave as a courtesy, in case he needed to use it one last time. he finally left by 10am.

although the 2006 macbook pro is passable, it's no fun to use. running OS X 10.6.8 (snow leopard), many apps are not supported on this early version (it's currently on 10.13, with 10.14 already in beta). for example, the OS won't back up my iphone because it's using an old version of itunes (fortunately i can still back up my photos manually using drag and drop).

i made some scrambled eggs and kielbasa for lunch. yesterday's storm clouds were slow to clear away, leaving behind dramatic cumulus clouds due to all the remaining moisture in the air. in the early afternoon i went down to rite aid to pick up some prescriptions. even though they were supposed to be ready by 11:30am, the pharmacists had yet to fill them out so i waited an additional 15 minutes.

there wasn't much to do in belmont. with the recent rain from yesterday, the garden didn't need to be watered. after dinner i biked back to cambridge.

i was hoping to catch my roommate at home but he wasn't there when i arrived, which meant he'd already left for market basket. he returned a few minutes after i did, i helped him bring in his groceries while he put the trek mountain bike back in the basement. i attached a milk crate to the rear rack over the weekend so now he can have something to carry his items.