i slept in my own bed for the first time this month (although to be honest, ever since we got back from new york city and i got off the couch and started sleeping in the guest bedroom since my roommate is temporarily out of town, and the heatwave was finally broken, i've been sleeping much better). the house seems to be back to normal after the cleaning i did last night, though i'm still finding stray hairs and the floor feels greasy in some spots. there's a lot of leftover food in the house which i won't touch until next week.

i rode the fuji to my parents' place. i wore long pants thinking it'd be cool today but soon realized i made a mistake; i changed into a pair of my father's gym shorts when i got to belmont. the world cup match between france and croatia had just started, i watched while eating some leftover korean soondae and market basket wings.

france ending up beating croatia to a score of 4-2. it was a crazy game, croatia scored on itself, only to come back and tie, before frances regains the lead on a penalty goal kick. in the second half france went up by 2 points to take the score to a nearly unbeatabl 4-1, and croatia seemed resigned to their defeat until they scored an easy goal to make it 4-2 and give them some momentum. alas, it wasn't enough. the best was the end of the game during the award ceremony. the sky threatened torrential downpours all day that never did seem to come during the open stadium game, until the match was over, and then it began to pour. for some reason putin was there to greet the players, as well and french president macron and croatian president. while everyone was getting drenched, putin was the only person who had a personal security guard holding an umbrella over his head. what a host! for the losing team, at least in the rain nobody can see you cry.

i went with my sister to target to return the child booster seat i didn't need anymore. return was quick, just a few seconds, they didn't even need to see my credit card. one thing they asked if the seat's been used: they will accept a used seat, but for sanitation reasons they can only dispose of it and not resell it; fortunately this seat was never used, still in its original packaging. afterwards i bought a target watermelon for $5.

today turned out to be a hot and humid day, the start of what looks to be a sub-heatwave in the coming week. supposedly it was supposed to rain but never did.

we barbecued some italian sausages and honey-mustard marinated drumsticks and grilled a salted rainbow trout for dinner. i biked home afterwards in the daylight (7pm), returning to an empty house (at least until next week).

(i'm working off of my old 2006 macbook pro. it's quick enough for some common tasks but the screen brightness is very faint due to age and is prone to overheating. full-on blogging will have to wait until i can get my mid-2012 macbook pro fixed. i'm due for a computer upgrade anyway: it seems about every 5-6 years i get a new machine: 2001, 2006, 2013).