with just 2 days left before GC arrives, i spent all of today cleaning. cleaning not just for him, but for wangyang as well who will arrive about a week later with her son. GC's lived here before, so i don't have to make that much of an effort to clean for him. but since wangyang will be staying in my bedroom, i've got another week to clean that out as well (typically i just cram it with all my junk when i have a roommate and then move everything out when they're gone).

there really isn't that much cleaning, i've kept the house in good shape for the most part. there's just a lot of clutter and it's all about organizing and throwing some stuff away. like tossing out all my old issues of consumer report magazine, no reason to keep those. i also fixed my magazine stand by inverting the bulging bottom hardwood panel.

i spent a good amount of time cleaning the windows: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the guest bedroom. after cleaning with windex, i apply two coat of rain-x before buffing the glass to a transparent shine. it also gave me a chance to open up the windows and let some cool breeze into the house.

at some point bruce texted me asking if i wanted some strawberries. i went over to his place to get some, apparently they got too much from the farmer's market. they were sweet as is, no need for additional sugar. i ate the whole box in one sitting, throwing away the leafy stems into the kitchen compost box to feed the fruit flies.

i replaced the screen protector on my canon dSLR. not sure when it happened, maybe from last weekend, but i managed to scratch the plastic film. not a little scratch, but a full of smudge that obscures the center of the screen. i replaced it by cutting to size an iphone screen film protector. the fit isn't perfect, but it works, protects the LCD. i should look into glass screen protector on ebay, probably don't need to replace as often and clearer.

i biked to rite aid in the afternoon to pick up my monthly prescriptions. i stopped by the dollar store to grab some dinner mints, my latest unhealthy obsession. they're made with inverted sugar, which i had to look up because i had no idea what that was (and still don't really).

we didn't set a record on this first official day of summer, but we did manage to make 40.52 kWh, which is more than i thought with the all the bright but overcast sky. with just 9 days left in the month, we're on course to make 1100kWh of electricity for the month of june.

i had some yogurt and granola for lunch, then the rest of my leftover quinoa and brown rice chicken medley for dinner. it's been nearly 3 weeks, i'm due for a haymarket visit tomorrow, check out their summer stock of vegetables and fruits.