i went down to the community garden in the late morning to water my plants. there was a woman there with 4 kids; while she was gardening, the children were just hovering around her watching. also: some of them looked to be school age, why weren't they in school today? my plot neighbor finally dug up the large rose bush growing in their garden. i found a few stray thorn branches in my own plot. the weird thing is they're replacing it with another smaller rose bush (which over time will grow big enough to need replacing again). my lone lupine plant is soon to flower; i noticed a lot of slug damage on the lower leaves; fortunately it grew fast enough to overcome any leaf damage. my 3 groups of cucumbers have sprouted from their mounds. i planted them just a week ago. nothing yet from the zucchini. i'm going to give it a few more days, if still nothing, i'm plant some more seeds; the ones i had might've been old, i have a new unopened package.

afterwards i biked to market basket for some groceries. nothing fancy, some yogurt, a gallon of milk, a few bags of salad. there was more construction activity on beacon street bike bath, they've finally planted some trees.

because of the memorial holiday, trash day was moved back one day. weekly trash removal is quite the spectacle here in cambridge, no less than 4 different garbage trunks must make their rounds: regular trash, garden refuse, recycle, and finally the new compost recycle. the regular trash garbage truck (no.35) was the last to show up. they did a pretty poor job, leaving a pile of trash on the street. i can't remember this ever happening before. i had to go out with a plastic bag and clean everything up. i'm not even sure how it happened, if everything was bagged. but i have found stranger's trash in my bins before, maybe somebody decided to just dump their trash.

today would've been another nice day for some naturing, but instead in the afternoon i biked to my parents' place to do some gardening. the sky was blue except for clumps of wispy clouds.

i ended up spending most of my time watering the plants. one of the hot peppers (hungarian wax?) has already formed a flower. all our pink peonies (about half a dozen) have blossomed on that one bush in the perennial bed behind the garage. and to think, it'd only taken 6 years to get to this point! only when my parents return home did i finally plant some seeds after discussing it with my father. in RB0 and RB3 i planted a centrally located zucchini. in the back of all the raised beds i added a few mounds of cucumbers. interspersed in the empty spots of our perennial garden i planted korean melon seeds, not sure if they'll sprout, more of a novelty. and then in back path we're making some space for acorn squash, which need a big space and plenty of sun (will plant those seeds over the weekend). finally, in front of the cypress vines and moonflowers, i planted a row of sunflowers. also saved for the weekend are some annual flower seeds i'll scatter below the grapevines after we till the soil.

i brought some sweet italian sausage with fennel which my father cooked up on the gas barbecue after i quickly convinced my mother that heating it in the toaster oven would not be the same delicious experience. the end result was perfect sausages, crispy skin in the outside, well done on the inside. i'd get more sausages for this weekend, a package of half a dozen simply wasn't enough.

after dinner i felt an aching pain on my left chest, from the front to the back. i tried eating some antacids tablets but they didn't seem to do anything. could it be a heart attack? i guess i'll know for sure if i pass out. it didn't hurt that much that i couldn't bike home, but when i got back it seemed to get worse and i had a hard time moving around.

i purposely waited until it was dark before i biked home, just so i had an excuse to light up the wheels on my fuji bike. i like the attention it gets, i pretend to ignore amazed onlookers. the fuji with its lighter frame and 27" wheels rides so much faster than my trek utility bike which is just a converted mountain bike (26" wheels). i keep that in mind the next time i'm on the trek and get passed by cyclists on road bikes. the only thing that will make that hurt go away is when i'm on the motorcycle and i easily pass those cyclists.

there was a real chance today of setting another production record, but a sharp dip in production around 4:30pm made that record out of reach. it was still a very good day, the 3rd time we went 50kWh+, with a production of 50.19kWh.

tonight was game 1 of the NBA finals, the 4th consecutive meeting between the the golden state warriors and the cleveland cavaliers. the warriors have won the championship twice, the cavaliers once. for lebron james, it's his 7th consecutive time going to the NBA finals, 3 times as a miami heat, 4th time as a cavalier. the game was a lot of back and forth, and cleveland looked like they were in a good position to win the game with seconds to go, but the warriors scored to take the game into overtime, and that's when the wheels fell off for the cavaliers, as golden state easily finished the game with a victory.