i split off a box of seedlings for my sister and left the rest for my father to take back to belmont on his way to the cafe from a morning market basket supply run. though it didn't rain much today, the sky was cloudy and dark, and seemed to threaten a more substantial downpour that never did come. i didn't bother going to the garden or the supermarket, figured i'd take care of that tomorrow when the forecast improves (that also includes the pharmacy, where i phoned in 3 30-day prescriptions). i may also go back to belmont to do some yard work, move the shaded peonies and hydrangea, till the raised beds and plant the seedlings.

bound inside for much of the day, i did a load of laundry and vacuumed parts of the house. it still amazes me how much dust there is when i can easily collect a full bin of the stuff. maybe i should vacuum everyday for a week to see if i can make a dent in the overall dustiness of the place. it's the winter months that gets the dustiness, with forced air heat circulating throughout the house, kicking up more dust as time goes by. i also moved the motorcycle and put the cover on before it rained.

i bought my megabus tickets to go down to new york city next month (june 16) to see the mermaid parade: 6am departure ($21.99), 7:10pm return ($5). originally i was going to take the lucky star bus ($30) because it's faster (doesn't have to traverse through manhattan) and arrives in chinatown (closer to coney island). but even though the megabus dropoff is in midtown, it only adds 10 minutes to my subway time, and i'd be taking the same train anyway (Q), so i decided to do that. another reason i prefer lucky star is i can usually get a quick lunch at an asian noodle shop before making my way to the parade; but there are also places to eat in koreatown. my roommate GC will be here by that point, and i thought about inviting him, but my schedule is so tight, there's no time for additional sightseeing; if he does want to go though, he can buy a bus ticket at that time.

for lunch i had a yogurt, then some carrots with hummus for an afternoon snack. couldn't staying healthy for long, as i broke open a bag of doritos later in the afternoon. for dinner i heated up a simple dish of frozen raviolis mixed with half a jar of tomato sauce. i've always bought fresh raviolis (figured they'd taste better), but i actually like these frozen ones, the skin is much thicker, reminds me of chinese dumplings.

in the early evening i heard my upstairs neighbors returning home. being quite the recluse, i made no effort to go outside and greet them as i heard one of them dragging out the trash bins for collection tomorrow.

i finally finished watching episode 3 of the 2nd season of the handmaid's tale. it took me a few weeks to finish, watching it in bits and pieces, because it was just too painful to watch all at once. i'm here to say i'm done with the show, after june was recaptured seconds away from a smuggler's flight to china. it's an important show, and one that i'm glad people are watching, but it's so bleak, i always feel terrible after watching an episode.