i woke up at 8:30am so my sister could come get me at 9am to get garden dirt at home depot. i watched as steve and paul left for the weekend. they didn't tell me where, but i'm assuming they're off to the island this weekend to move some items and leave behind one of their cars. i moved out all the seedlings so they can sun themselves.

when my sister finally arrived, first we went to my community garden to pick up the rest of the ornamental grass. my sister had never been there before, but if she was impressed she didn't show it, she was just surprised there was a large community garden hidden in a densely settled residential neighborhood. she was concerned that dirt from the grass was getting inside her leased car, despite the fact that the interior is already covered in dog hair and dog saliva and dog claw marks.

we stopped by the cafe briefly so she could grab some soup for a sick friend. then we went to belmont where she dropped me off with the ornamental grass while she went to go deliver her soup. i took the time to weed a few dandelions then water some plants. i also dug up some extra garlic chives to transplant to my own plot.

finally we went to the watertown home depot. i picked up 6 50 lbs. bags of manure, while my sister got some compost soil mix to add to her garden clay dirt. we returned to my parents' place where we unloaded 5 bags of manure. it was this time that we saw a baby rabbit running in the backyard. the fact that it's been 4 days and this bunny still isn't dead yet means it probably had a good chance of surviving.

i returned home by around 11:20am. once again there was construction at the end of my street and the road crew had set up a detour sign. i decided to move the rest of my grow closet seedlings, the thai basils and the hot peppers. while in the backyard, i noticed some construction activity at my backyard neighbor's house. having seen enough of it, i learned to recognize solar panel struts. i climbed to the 2nd landing and saw the sunbug solar van. they didn't install the panels yet, but i was surprised they put rails on the flat roof of the house extension. i wonder if that little old lady kate still lives there? doesn't seem like the kind of project a widow living off of her retirement savings would engage in.

after a salmon bagel sandwich for lunch, i went to the community garden after 1pm with the bag of manure draped on the back of my cargo bike to do some more work in my plot. i planted the garlic chives around the garden perimeter then spread the crumbled manure all over my plot. the manure doesn't really do too much, it has a very small amount of fertilizing effect, it's mostly just dirt. to feed my plants i use plant-tone granules. before i left, a big noisy family of children, parents, and grand parents descended on one of the shady northwestern plots. after watering my plants i quickly left.

i biked down to market basket for some groceries. somebody had silver painted a sink hole on village street, turning it into not only a danger warning but also an art installation. i wonder if it had anything to do with the somerville open studios last weekend, some random act of artness.

i e-mailed somerville construction to let them know that the road crew had once again forgot to take down the detour sign after they finished working. the deputy director of communications replied back to me, said she'd informed the construction supervisor. when i came back from my grocery trip i saw the signed had been moved. i sent the deputy a thank you note. but turns out it was probably just an equally disgruntled neighbor that moved the sign, because the construction work wasn't actually finished yet, as the construction came back around 6pm, doing some more work on the road.

there was just enough wispy clouds to prevent us from setting another production record, off by just 1 kWh. the strange thing was in the physical layout view, the sunroom panel production were once again less than the main roof panel, which is typical, unlike what happened yesterday.

had some hot dogs for dinner, washed down with raspberry rosé polar seltzer i picked up earlier, a very strong raspberry flavor.

between 9-11pm was the most intense hours i've had all week. while i was watching game 5 of the playoffs between the sixers and celtics (boston up 3-1, a victory would put them into the eastern conference final against lebron james and the cavaliers, a repeat of last year), i was also watching the latest episode of the expanse beginning at 9pm. syfy's website has the option to livestream the broadcast, but it's never worked for me. instead, i discovered the mobdro app for android, which livestreams various cable channels, one of which was the syfy network. it's probably illegal, and you have to side-load the app as it doesn't appear in the google play store, but if it meant i didn't have to wait hours later to download the episode in order to watch it, then i was doing it. at 10pm i began watching the americans on FX through mobdro. everything was going great until around the half-hour mark the app told me the stream was no longer available. fortunately FX's website does have livestreams, so after inputting the necessary authentication info, i was back in business. approaching 11pm, i was equally riveted by the final minutes of a pivotal episode as well as watching the final minutes of a close game that ended with a celtics victory.