it's been 3 weeks since i was last at haymarket, so i was due for a visit. i left my house around 1:30pm after making a prosciutto egg sandwich for lunch. i made good time, arrived in 19 minutes, the rusty chain of my bicycle creaking all the way there. temperature was in the lower 40's but i wore my thermal underwear in case it got windy and cold. it was cloudy this morning but became progressively sunnier.

afterwards i biked to the cafe to drop off my latest haul: 20 sunkist navel oranges ($4), 10 blood oranges ($2), 6 gold nugget oranges ($2), 8 red plums ($2), 3lbs. of salsa tomatoes ($2), 3 colored peppers ($1), 2lbs. of longhorn hot peppers ($2), 2 bunches of asparagus ($2), a sleeve of garlic ($1), and 2 fyffes super sweet gold pineapples ($4). not bad for $22, i would've gotten more (blueberries, strawberries, figs, napa cabbage, cilantro, scallions, beets) but i couldn't fit anymore on my bike.

coming home, i found a continental citrus juicer some neighbor had thrown out (it's the 2nd electric juicer i've found; first one was a braun juicer back in 2011). it looked sort of cheap (all plastic parts), and a brand i didn't recognize. i found it online, amazon sells it for $17.90, with a few dozen lukewarm reviews. i will definitely try it out tomorrow when i squeeze some oranges. i also found a knit hat on the road. it seemed sort of generic but when i checked out the tag, i saw it was 100% cashmere. fancy! later i went out to get some candy from the dollar store. i had a hankering for sour patch kids after remembering frances' kids raving about them.

despite the slow start, we managed to produce 38.16 kWh of energy today. tomorrow's forecast seems to be a mix of either mostly cloudy or partly cloudy, so hard to predict how much production we'll get.

i cooked up a package of xi'an paomo for dinner. i'm sure it's already expired (2016 was the manufacture date) but it tasted good nevertheless.