a lazy sunday, made an arugula prosciutto egg sandwich for lunch while watching alien covenant on HBO go and doing two loads of laundry, including the bedsheets. my original plan was to go down to the cafe for another round of defrosting, but decided to do it tomorrow before i leave for new york city tuesday morning. paul was vacuuming the basement, i could hear everything through the thin floorboards and the force air grates.

i'm feeling some muscle aches in my left thigh. it's so dull it's almost like an itch, like a mild toothache if that makes sense. i know exactly how i got it, it comes from straining uphill on my bike, i feel the muscles in my legs working overtime. funny that it should only be in my left quad though, maybe my left leg is just the more dominant leg. hopefully it heals within the next day or two, who knows how much walking i'll be doing in new york.

in the late afternoon i did another thing on the top of my to-do list: plant some perennial seeds. these include columbines, delphiniums, foxgloves, snapdragons, and linaria licilia (annuals). most of these have tiny seeds, more dust than seeds, and require a fine seed starting mix. the one that i got was okay, but i really should've rolled my own using peat moss and fine sand. i set the columbines and delphiniums outside (they don't mind the cold and the columbines require it in order to germinate) while the rest i put in the grow closet. they also have long germination times, as much as a month before the sprout. while i was at it, i also planted 5 passionflowers and another pot of delphiniums. i tried passionflower in 2016 but because i was away i didn't take very good care of them and all the seedlings died. i had some leftover seeds, hopefully i can get something.

we produced 33.39 kWh on a day that was lightly cloudy at first but then got cloudier in the afternoon. a respectable amount for the very first day of april. i'm not expecting much tomorrow, most of the morning will be cloudy and we're even supposed to get some snow, although the forecast said it's more of a psychological hindrance rather than an actual nuisance since it's both dry and warm, hard for any kind of snow to gather strength. then by afternoon it'll be sunny, so i'm predicting 15-20 kWh of production.

since i'll be away on tuesday and wednesday, i'm not making any food and eating whatever i have in the fridge that might spoil. tonight i wasn't sure what i was having, and ended up going with some instant chongqing rice noodles, with an egg and a handful of arugula to make it healthier. i still have a gallon of whole milk and half a lbs. of prosciutto in the fridge.