my phone was ringing at 8:22am this morning. i checked to see who it was and surprised to see it was my taiwanese cousin, calling me with the line app video chat. it was too early to think clearly so i simply answered it. he called because he was visiting my grandmother and my parents were also there but they didn't speak to me, i think my cousin decided on his own it'd be fun to call me, not realizing it was still sunday morning. he asked if i was doing any traveling. he said he was just about to visit fiji, i asked if he was his first time, he said he'd already been there twice. he also asked if i've been to iceland, he said he was just there last november. since a minute ago i was still sleeping, i looked terrible, my hair a disheveled mess. the last thing i did was to point the phone outside so they (my cousin and his wife and son) could see that there was still snow outside.

since i was already up, i got ready to go to my parents' place, where i'd be dogsitting for the day after my sister already dropped off hailey early in the morning. when i arrived, the first thing i did was to look in the below counter cabinet. i was happy to see the green LED flashing on the mouse trap, yet at the same time grossed out because it meant we'd caught another mouse.

this one was bigger, its tail sticking out of the trap. hard to say how long it's been dead, but there were new scratch marks on the trap lid, either causes by this mouse, or another mouse that tried to get to the bait afterwards. it was still stiff when i went to bury it, so it couldn't have been dead for that long. i also learned that these are deer mice, not house mice. deer mice are orange brown, with an all-white underbelly, bigger eyes and ears. they're wild mice but they do come into houses looking for food and shelter.

unlike comcast, verizon doesn't do free replacements for broken remotes. i learned that a few days ago, when i went online to look for the answer of a broken remote. they charge $14.99 for a new remote (doesn't include free shipping). that's why i decided to get a replacement elsewhere. the first place i checked was craig's list, but verizon FIOS remotes are sparse enough that i didn't see any for sale. then it was ebay. i ended up buying a used remote for $7 (free shipping), from a dealer in china of all places (though they seem to have a warehouse in the US because they said the remote would arrive by thursday).

there seemed to be something wrong with hailey, she didn't have a lot of energy today. when i let her outside to use the bathroom, she went down the stairs then went straight back inside again. she was also sleeping soundly but then decided to move to the bedroom for no reason (usually she does that when she's scared). when dinnertime came around, she barely got off the couch to go eat, and afterwards when i showed her a treat, she didn't seem to be interested.

today's production was similar to yesterday's. yesterday was it was sunny at the start of the day and then it got cloudy; today it started cloudy but ended up sunnier. final production was 23.34 kWh. not bad, i was guessing we'd get even less seeing how cloudy it was today.

i brought some food with me, a banana and muffin for lunch, then later some instant chongqing sour rice noodles with a egg for dinner (even brought my own egg but saw there were a few already in the fridge). my sister showed up around 8pm to take hailey. i stayed long enough to watch the stormy daniels 60 minutes interview before riding back home.