* judging from the solar production this morning, i assumed my father cleaned the snow off the panels. but not all the panels because i could see the ones on the eastern side had lower production compared to the others, but at the very least the sunroom panels were cleared.

* went down to the cafe at 11am to investigate sister's internet issues

* set up RT-AC68U router with port forwarding and reserved address for foscam FI9821P v2 internet web camera. unfortunately wasn't able to set up camera because it won't allow me to access the admin page for some reason

* my 2nd aunt was at the cafe when i arrived but was gone by the time i got back. my old roommate came to the cafe for lunch. my godmother showed up and was about to leave when my mother and my sister's godmother came back home after a boston shopping trip. my mother is obsessed with her activity tracker (especially the sleep tracking), and wanted to know why it hadn't sync'ed up with her xiaomi phone in the past few days. i fixed the problem by rebooting the phone.

* my father showed then made me deice the commercial freezer with a blowdryer. i melted the ice in record time.

* fixed my father's cafe printing issue by uninstalling the samsung printer and reinstalling brand new drivers

* late lunch dan dan noodles

* already raining by the time i biked home by 3pm

* continued debugging webcam issue. couldn't access web UI but could still sent commands to the camera via cgi-bin scripts. was able to change the password. finally solved the problem by installing a foscam safari plugin for masOS high sierra (v3.3.0.32) which finally allowed me to access the camera's built-in admin interface. i still needed to use the UI to set the wifi settings (but i probably could've done that also through cgi-bin commands).******&usr=admin&pwd=

* my cbconcept-brand halogen replacement LED under cabinet light bulbs arrived today. though advertised as dimmable, when i have the lights in the low setting, they're flicker enough to create a strobe effect. in the high setting they're perfectly fine. also one bulb is white while the other is yellow. not worth returning, but it's a $10 lesson: LED bulbs are not designed to be dimmable. not every light needs to be upgraded to LED.

* the replacement amazon visa card finally arrived. after activating it by phone, i went to various accounts and updated my auto-payment credit card information.

* end of day production 15.41 kWh.

* weird dinner: leftover vodka sauce pasta, leftover salad, and grilled some asparagus with salt garlic olive oil.

* although i didn't get the asus RT-ACRH13 yesterday, i was thinking about getting a new modem for the cafe, one with multiple SSID capabilities, so we can have a private network and a public network. it doesn't have to be fancy, and the asus RT-N12 looks good enough at 300Mbps and currently for sale on amazon for $20 after a $10 rebate (expires at the end of the month). then i learned you can install DD-WRT on a tp-link TL-WR841N router, which means i can upgrade the firmware on the spare router. DD-WRT has the ability to create a guest network SSID.