14.7 oz.7 oz.
14.8 oz.7 oz.
5.7 oz.2.5 oz.
5.4 oz.2 oz.
5.9 oz.2.5 oz.
4.8 oz.2.5 oz.

i squeezed some juice with some of the oranges i got from haymarket yesterday. i made it scientific, weighing the oranges and then measuring the amount of juice produced. the small oranges were smaller than last time though seemed to squeeze about the same amount of juice. the large oranges was much larger and very juicy, but seemed a little bland, not as fragrant as the small ones. i used 4 small and 2 large, getting almost 24 oz. of freshly squeezed OJ.

temperature was in the mid-20's as i wore my heavy winter jacket and marched to harvard square to take the bus to belmont. i bought bags of popcorners, some tortilla chips, and a container of guacamole, in preparation for the super bowl game tomorrow. the driver yelled at a woman getting on the bus holding a dog in her arms. "you need a cage for your dog," he said, which she pretended to not hear, until he repeated it again.

it was your typical brisk winter day, with a sky mostly clear, except some high-medium clouds in the horizon that didn't interfere with the solar production. we ended up setting a new production record, 35.22 kWh. 6 kW seems to be the plateau for this time of year, the moment it reached that limit the graph was just a straight horizontal line.

my mother didn't think the orange juice was sweet enough. she suspected i only use one large navel orange, thinking that its juices might be diluting the flavor of the smaller oranges.

after dinner i took the bus back to cambridge. a car was driving with its headlights off, i motioned to the driver but she ignored me.

cutting through harvard square i had my f/1.4 28mm lens, looking for photo opps, but it was a bit quiet, and i quickly walked home, taking only a few snapshots.