i naturally woke up at 8am, after having gone to bed last night at 10:30pm and slept before midnight. that's actually very early for me. i stayed in bed for a little while, surfing the usual sites (cnn, huffpost, reddit, wechat, qq), before finally getting up. solar production seemed to be at a maximum, and we'd already produced a few kWh by early morning, so i was hoping we set a new record today. by noontime we produced nearly 19 kWh with the sun at a 28.80° angle (maximum). 20 minutes later it matched the total production from yesterday alone.

there was a hasty pudding parade happening in the afternoon (2:45pm) that i decided to check out. the honoree this year was mila kunis. i've seen the parade three times before (2009 renee zellweger, 2010 anne hathaway, 2013 marion cotillard), a short stretch of harvard square road with no good place to take photos without jostling for position. it was also a sunny day, which is great for solar but bad for photos because of the harsh contrast between light and shadow. i got a great spot that became less great as people started crowding around me. this year there was a hasty pudding protest, since the club doesn't allow women performers by tradition, and there were those asking for kunis to decline the award. later it was announced that the harvard club would begin allowing women to participate in front of the stage.

it's always a little surreal seeing a celebrity. mila looked good but it was a little cold today (windy) so she was all bundled up. after the parade was hover i cut across harvard yard to get home. exiting the north entrance i walked by a tall young woman in a brown jacket, seemingly slouching to her next class. she looked familiar and it took me a few seconds to realize it was harvard freshman malia obama. i would've figured she'd have secret service bodyguards around her but she was alone (i'm sure her security detail was around however).

i checked the monitoring app while i was outside and could see that production was already tapering off at a surprisingly rapid rate. i told me father that i estimated we'd reach 34 kWh today but we ended up with only 33.09 kWh. nevertheless, that was enough to set the new record for the highest producing solar day of all times (in the month or so since we've had solar).

with a cloudless day, the graph line was a beautiful bell curve, except for a strange dip around 10:15am, possibly some random low-flying clouds. between 10:30 to 12:15 the system plateaued at 6KW. that meant in less than 2 hours it managed to produce 10.5 kWh of electricity. tomorrow looks to be another sunny day, maybe we can get a repeat performance of production.

for dinner i had two hot dogs (like i did last night) along with a bowl of salad and a nectarine. earlier for lunch i made another omelette with a mango lassi.