today was a genuine cloudless sunny day, a day where we should've been producing the maximum amount of solar energy, but i could see from the panel layout view that the panels on top of the sunroom were still covered in snow because they were barely producing any electricity. my father called me at 11:40am, said he'd been back at the house around 11am and cleared the snow off of the sunroom panels. sure enough, the graph showed a tremendous spike right at that time. by the end of the day, we managed to generate 23.02 kWh of energy on a perfectly smooth graph line, the 3rd most productive solar day. imagine how much more we could've gotten had all panels been working the entire day, maybe today could've set a new record.

a few things i noticed: energy production didn't begin until 7:45am, when in most other cases it started at 7:15am. and i'm seeing a overall shift to later production, which might have something to do with sun angle and length of daylight. the power generated never reached 6 kW, which is surprisingly given how sunny it was; maybe there was still a bit of snow on a few panels.

i biked down to the cafe in the early afternoon to help my father move my grand uncle's hospital bed. i haven't been biking in a while and felt some stiffness in my groin area from lack of exercise. the cold didn't help much either, even though it was 35°F, it still made breathing difficult as i struggled to climb observatory hill. as for the bed itself, it's one of those steel units with springs, very heavy. we wheeled it down to the cafe on two hand trucks and then moved it into the basement. by tomorrow morning i expect to be in some serious back pains.

i finally finished the library at mount char, read it in two days (actually 3 but i could've done it in 2 if i wasn't so sleepy last night). what a great book. just like the children of time but in a different way. i've got two more books: iron gold by pierce brown and all our wrong todays by elan mastai. i only got iron gold because i read all the other red rising novels, so i'm reading this one more out of obligation. all our wrong todays seems more interesting, and it was recommended based on fans of the library at mount char, so i'm intrigued.

for dinner instead of the last of the leftover quiche (save that for tomorrow), i had some instant noodles. afterwards i ate an asian pear and had some ginger green tea. i'm thinking of some haymarket action tomorrow, if andrew's mother judy doesn't contact me beforehand. i have a hankering for some fresh-squeezed oranges.