on the third day of my cold, the only symptom i have left is a cough. if it goes on any longer beyond the weekend, i'll take some mucinex-d, my drug of choice for fighting a nagging cough. i slept with a bottle of water next to the bed which helped with the dryness. every time i took a sip i was able to breathe better.

today was a rainy day, clouds in the morning giving way to rain by afternoon. i wasn't expecting much in terms of energy production, but we managed to generate 8.88 kWh by the end of the day. tomorrow looks like much of today but reversed, rain during the morning then turning dramatically colder but with the possibly of real sunshine in the afternoon. and sunday is rightly named because it seems like another optimal full sun day, so maybe we'll generate another 30kWh of energy again.

my parents were supposed to sign the closing papers on their mass solar loan this morning at 10am. when i checked the webcam at 10:30am they still weren't back yet. that was also the exact same time lucas texted me, asking if he could swing by the cafe and pick up the check. he apologized for being pesky, but said something about how the mass solar loan program is difficult for installers. i told him my parents weren't back yet, that they had to close the cafe in order to do the signing. lucas apologized and said he'd swing by the cafe around 11:30am.

i was starting to get worried because the signing shouldn't have taken this long. my parents didn't make it back to the cafe until 11am, when my mother called me. she said my parents totally forgot about the signing today, and left for the bank around 10:30am. i told her lucas was coming by the cafe to pick up the check. he didn't show up until almost noontime, basically grabbed the check and left, but not before letting my parents know there was a $500 referral fee if they recommend anybody else in getting solar.

the temperature in cambridge hit 63°F today. i however didn't go outside, stayed indoors, where it was pleasantly warm. if i knew it was that warm, i might've decided to open some windows to air out the house. for lunch i had a kielbasa sandwich on an english muffin. for dinner some chicken ravioli with tomato sauce. i heated up a pan of hazelnuts in the afternoon, and also snacked on an apple and some clementine oranges. i also tried to drink as much as i could, feeling an overall lack of hydration.

like the past 2 nights, i'm going to try and go to bed early again. last night i was in bed by 10:30pm and was surprisingly sleepy, falling asleep by 11pm. i woke up around 8am.