i woke up before 9am thinking my father would need my help to shovel the sidewalk around the cafe and my grand uncle's place. however when i checked the webcams, i couldn't see him, so he must already be outside cleaning the snow. i got dressed and went outside to shovel my own sidewalk. there was about 1/2 inch of slushy snow that i quickly removed. later in the morning i saw paul going outside. perhaps feeling guilty that he'd neither raked the leaves nor done any snow shoveling, he shoveled a path into the backyard instead.

i felt a little down today, thinking about the unresolved solar installation situation. i wrote lucas an e-mail asking him to urgently call me back tomorrow morning. this thing is like a terrible weight hanging over me, and until i can get it fixed, i feel like i can't enjoy anything.

as my parents had some kind of neighborhood open house festival at the cafe in the early evening, i didn't go to belmont today. instead i stayed home watching sunday afternoon football. for lunch i made a grill cheese and ham sandwich. for dinner i ate the leftover salt and pepper porkchop rice i brought back from chinatown yesterday.

in my spare time i went back and retroactively updated a few missing blog entries. backlogged missing blog posts are the worst, chances are i'll never go back and fill them in.

the eagles beat the rams 43-35, but philadelphia lost MVP-candidate quarterback carson wentz with a torn ACL when his knees were sandwiches by two charging defenders as he flew into the end zone for a touchdown. the eagles were slated for the super bowl with one of the best records this season (even better than new england, with only one loss). now their postseason future looks murky. it just speaks to the randomness of american football, that one moment you're heading to the championship game, and the next you're not.