al franken resigned from the senate late this morning after mounting pressure from fellow congresspeople to step down after weeks of alleged sexual harassment allegations. i'm not sure how i feel about that. i've always like franken, found him to be witty and funny and humble. however, if these allegations are true, then he should at the very least be censured. the things he's accused of doing pale in comparison to the allegations over trump (e.g.bragging on audio about assaulting women) and roy moore (e.g.pedophile), and one is the current president while the other looks to be elected the arkansas senator next week. i hope the senate does go forward with an investigation over these allegations so franken can be exonerated and make a run for congress again. i also feel that franken was sacrificed by the democratic party so that they can have the moral highground when they accuse republicans of being the party of sex criminals. whether that will sway voters over to the side of the democrats is unknown, and given voter's ability to rationalize and be hypocritical of their own cherished beliefs, i sort of doubt it.

in the afternoon i went to the community garden to do some more cleaning. unfortunately the cambridge city crew was there working as well, a group of foul-mouthed townies adding fresh soil to the new raised beds. they were loud, yelling at one another from across the garden, goofing off more than they were working. i dug out some creeping buttercups then called it a day. i then biked to rite aid to grab some snacks: altoids ($1.79/box), ferreo rocher collection ($5.69 BOGO), and roasted almonds ($3/can).

back at the house i did one last round of raking for the final yard waste pickup next week. i was prompted to do so because earlier today the cleaners came by and did our gutters. but they did a terrible job, clumps of rotting leaf debris everywhere. i ended up with 3 bags of leaves. i ended up working in my t-shirt because i didn't want to get the rest of my clothes dirty. temperature was in the 40's but i warmed up enough after all that raking that i didn't mind once it came time to bag everything.

my sister came to pick me up around 5:30pm for dinner at koreana. my mother was in the car as well after my sister went to go pick her up. my aunt was treating, since my both my sister and mother have december birthdays. my father was supposed to meet us there and he actually arrived before we did despite the traffic and dearth of parking spots. my mother had picked the venue, but if she had asked me, i would've recommended gyu-kaku in harvard square for korean/japanese barbecue.

afterwards my father took my mother home so he could take a shower before spending another night at my grand uncle's place taking care of him. my sister ended up giving me a ride back home. after a shower i watched thursday night football between the saints-hawks.

i finally upgraded to bbedit 12.0.2 tonight, after previously using v10. a few things are different, but much of it is the same. i spent a lot of time tweaking the colors, as i accidentally erased my customized settings from the previous version. v12 feels faster, and i like how it automatically closes brackets and parentheses for me when i'm blogging.