we left for chinatown around 10:50am. i had to talk li into going, even though it was his idea in the first place. he was in the middle of working on his paper and didn't want to break his concentration. i told him it'd be a quick trip, just 2 hours, go get some dimsum, visit a chinese supermarket, then come back. the weather was really nice too, temperature in the upper 50's, warm enough that i only wore a light jacket.

it took us just a bit over 20 minutes to arrive in chinatown, park our bikes, then go to hei la moon. it was crowded, we went downstairs to get a table, and even then there was a few minute of waiting. the table we got was up against the wall and surrounded by other tables, so the carts never came to us, we had to go to the carts. the one good thing was it was quiet where we were.

we finished eating by 12:30pm and went to the jiaohe supermarket to get a few things. i only bought snacks while li bought some meat and vegetables for making dinner this weekend and next week. we finally left chinatown by around 1pm.

we returned home via the charles river bikepath. originally i was going to cross the mass ave/MIT bridge, until i realized that li has never biked along this trail, so we went the longer but more scenic way home, cutting across harvard square.

in belmont, my father opened up his old CB radio to show me the crystal array. these old analog CB's, each channel (3) is registered to a pair of crystals, one for transmitting, one for receiving, with a difference of 455KHz. my father thought the installers made a mistake because he noticed a repeat crystal but after doublechecking he just misread a 5 as a 6.