i left cambridge around 11:30am. i felt a little guilty leaving li home alone, but i told him i'd bring back some thanksgiving turkey. the roads were desolate, i must've seen just a handful of cars out on the road. mass ave, fresh pond parkway, all devoid of cars, like some scene from a zombie apocalypse. i thought my mother would be busy preparing all the thanksgiving food but she was just sleeping on the couch, still not recovered from her return trip from taiwan. i had a korean instant cup of noodles for lunch.

there was some drama with my grand uncle. he insists on using his cane which can never longer support his full weight, but doesn't want to use the walker even though it means he could potential fall with the cane. my father was shuttling back and forth, trying to appease my grand uncle, until he finally decided he wasn't coming to thanksgiving. might as well, since there was hardly anything he can eat anyway, since he no longer takes solid foods. someone else who wasn't coming was my 2nd uncle, my aunt told me a few days ago. not sure his reason, but he never chats with anyone anyway, and only comes for the food, then is itching to leave afterwards. so other than the addition of my sister's godmother, this was the smallest thanksgiving gathering we've had in a while.

my sister showed up around 3pm, bringing with her my 2nd aunt and my sister's godmother. we didn't cook the turkey until 3pm, i almost forgot until my mother reminded me. fortunately my father just got back home to put the turkey in the convection oven (i'd turned it on around 2:30pm to preheat). according to the butterball website, a 21 lbs. unstuffed turkey takes at least 2-1/2 hours to cook at 325°F, so that's what i set the oven timer to.

while basting the turkey at one point, i accidentally touch my hand to the top of the oven. instinctively i jerked my hand back, spraying hot turkey oil all over the floor, my clothes, and my hand and arm. it didn't hurt at first but that was deceptive. my father told me to quickly rinse my hand and arm under cold tap water. near the crook of my right arm and on the hand of my right hand were a few tender red patches where the oil hit me, otherwise i was fine. i did have an unsightly spray of oil from the crotch of my jeans all across my shirt.

i rode home around 9:30pm. the roads were still empty. in my backpack was enough turkey to share with my roommate.