the battery was charged and i installed it back into the motorcycle this morning. li went out to play badminton while i left for belmont. i was relieved that the bike started on the first try, without any drama. i bumped into my neighbor carrie who was raking up the leaves on the sidewalk. she said she never knew i had a motorcycle.

coming into my parents' house i noticed the large icicle that'd formed from the front faucet. afraid that maybe the pipe inside had burst, i quickly went to check it out. it ended up being just the water that was inside the garden hose being pushed out when the water inside froze. i unhooked the hose and was about to put the insulated cover on the faucet but there was ice inside the cover so i have to wait until it thaws out.

the patriots game was the sunday night game, so the afternoon was spent watching other football teams compete with no vested interest in any teams. i brought a korean instant noodle cup and had it for lunch.

my father returned home from the cafe early, around 1pm. he immediately went to work on creating another 2m ground plane antenna. the dining area quickly became a workshop of hanging radio antennas.

after dinner i returned home with the 2nd 2m ground plane antenna, along with a length of RG8X feed line. i tried the antenna from the kitchen, from the back of the house, and from the living room, but i wasn't able to receive anywhere. it's either something wrong with the antenna, something wrong with the feed line, or the fact that my house seems to be in a reception dead zone.