i went about unclogging the slow drain this morning after i had my shower. the past few days i've been hitting it with a plunger and and pouring boiling water down the drain whenever i get the chance. it's still slow draining, so now i'm resorting to some drain-o max gel. i poured down half a container, hopefully it can do it's magic.

in the early afternoon i walked down to the nearest UPS store to drop off the wrong-sized connector plugs from best united. their customer service was not very good. when i replied to their e-mail for proof, they never responded back. only when i through amazon's "ask [seller] for a replacement" process did they respond to me. they apologized for the inconvenience, said they inspect all their products before shipment, and that something must've have happened (obviously). they wouldn't send me the right replacements parts but said they would be willing to reimburse me $3 for the $10 parts, and that i could keep them (even though they're worthless without the right sized reducers).

that's a terrible deal because i can just as easily return everything (under amazon's third-party seller A-to-z guarantee) for the full $10 refund, which was what i decided to do. the only catch was they had to receive the parts by the 15th, within the 30-day grace period from when i first ordered the parts, even though they didn't arrive until november 1st (shipped from china).

it was a blustery day, temperature in the upper 30's but felt colder because of the strong winds. it wasn't bad in the sun, but a definitely colder in the shade. afterwards i went to star market to pick up some snacks. they had a sale on ice cream (häagen-dazs, benn & jerry's) 4 for $10, but it was unmarked and i had to verify by checking the weekly flyer online. that happens a lot at this star market, the prices marked are always different than what you actually pay. i ended up returning when they seemed to have charged me more for a buy-one-get-one-free deal on tostito's chips. the girl at the service desk gave me a refund on the second item.

true headless setup (without having to connect to rpi0w physically) rpi0w * adding ssh file (touch ssh) * nano wpa_supplicant.conf country=US ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev update_config=1 network={ ssid="wifi_network" scan_ssid=1 psk="wifi_password" key_mgmt=WPA-PSK } * ssh pi@raspberrypi.local * ssh pi@ sudo nano .ssh/known_hosts delete (previously used for a different rpi) now can ssh into rpi0w * rpi0w : change password * rpi0w : sudo ifconfig to get MAC address on router: DHCP address reservation for specific MAC address port forwarding to reserved ip address * rpi0w : sudo nano .bashrc alias bye='exit' * rpi0w : sudo raspi-config change hostname i could've also changed it by editing: sudo nano /etc/hosts sudo nano /etc/hostname next step: create SSH key for passwordless SSH