today marks a week since i took my ham radio exam and i still haven't received my license yet. i check the FCC ULS website multiple times a day and so far nothing comes up. i don't think there was a mistake because when i check to see any technician license issued by the W5YI-VEC, i don't see anything for the past week (there should be at least a dozen new tech license since those were the number of people who passed the exam last week).

a whole day of rain, once more i didn't go outside except to bring in the trash cans. for lunch i was going to make french toast, but the bread that i had was a little moldy, so i tossed it and instead made some scrambled eggs with a side of kielbasa sausage.

i performed another water change on my aquarium. this time i didn't refill my cistern like i normally do, i'm going to try and use up the water that's there so i can refill it completely with new water. yesterday i removed the amazon sword plant, it hasn't been doing very well and seems to be dying. i put it in a glass jar and will try to grow it from my living room, where there's more natural light (maybe it just doesn't like the LED's). i may also try to find some substrate for the plant to grow in instead of just free floating.

in the evening i ate another barbecued chicken burrito for dinner. it's actually not too bad, but i still have a hard time softening the flour tortilla enough so it can easily wrap into a burrito. i steamed the tortilla in the microwave for a minute, but the edges of the flatbread is still a little hard. i still have enough pulled chicken to eat burritos the rest of the week, although i only have a single serving of black beans left and i already finished my rice.

li didn't come home until late, around 9pm. i didn't see much of him tonight, he immediately went to the kitchen to make dinner, then retired to his room soon after that.