i had a date paste mooncake for lunch, one that my 2nd aunt had brought back from taiwan, and that i was only eating now. date filling is my favorite but it's an uncommon flavor, and normally you'd only find it in a chinese pastry shop. i didn't leave the house all day because of the threat of intermittent showers.

in the afternoon i cleaned the aquarium. it takes the cyanobacteria just a day to grow back and i haven't changed the water in 4 days. i've never been able to do it, but if i do a water change every single day for a week, i wonder if that would improve the conditions, or would it just delay the inevitable as the cyanobacteria quickly grow right back.

i downloaded and watched atomic blonde, that charlize theron cold war spy film. it's well made, stylish, with some great action sequences (like single take fight scenes and car chase), but the story is uninspiring. it's all style, little substance, but still worth a watch if you can overcome the weak plot. the lighting in the film is amazing, contrasting colors, faces lit with different colored light sources.

li came home early, 5:30pm, because he wanted to get back before it really started to pour. he made rice porridge for dinner, sharing some with me. i also had a chicken burrito, with enough ingredients left over to eat it one last time tomorrow. rest of the evening was spent watching legends of tomorrow followed by kevin (probably) saves the world.

around 11:30pm my father took my mother to the airport. i watched as the flight data for her plane CX 811 left logan around 1:50am, enroute to hong kong. i could track the plane with an app, see where it's been and where it's going. the amount of data available is pretty amazing.