li left the house this morning from the back door. that's not a big deal, except he didn't close the door when he left, and this morning's temperature was in the 40's, so a lot of the heat inside the house escaped from the open door. it was 78°F yesterday, and this morning the room temperature was 71°F. hopefully it's just a one time thing but if he does it again i'll need to talk to him about it.

i went to the somerville home depot in the early afternoon in search of stainless steel #10-32 x 3/8" machine screws for mounting the rack to the rear wheel axles. i checked out the angle finders, a tool i wish we had when we were measuring the parking lot lines (but we did okay i think using our crude method of iphone compass and bent template wire). i also bought a brass hose mender, as the hose connector in my backyard needs to be replaced since it sprays everywhere whenever i water the garden. hoping my upstairs neighbors will fix it is pointless, because paul didn't even know how to repair his toilet fill valve when it broke.

i returned to cambridge, stopping by the porter square michael's to get a plastic storage box for my father's collection of radio antenna adapters. while i was there, i also got some yarn for my mother (they were having a sale on cozy wool yarn, $2.99 when typically it's $6.99). i filled the tank at the speedway gas station before going to the cafe. while i was there my mother packed me a late lunch (i only ate a yogurt today). my father also had a spare plastic hose mender he gave me to try. if the plastic one works, i'll return the brass one i bought today. no point spending a lot of money fixing my neighbor's garden hose.

back at home, i scooped out all the sichuan paocai so i could add fresh vegetables to ferment. i washed then chopped the chinese cabbage into quarters and left them to dry. later i also peeled a bunch of carrots i bought from aldi's, before chopping the cabbage into smaller pieces so they could fit in the jar. i managed to fit everything. there was enough fermenting liquid but i added about a cup more brine along with a handful of sichuan peppercorns.

li came home late, around 8pm. i didn't feel hungry until almost 10pm, where i heated up some hot dogs for dinner.