i went with my sister and her dog to winchester fells. i rode down to the cafe around noontime to meet her and came back by 2pm. the weather was a little grey but still warm enough for a t-shirt. towards the end it did begin to drizzle a tiny bit. around this time of year there's not much to see in the forest (but still better than the end of november, when everything is dead and just waiting for winter to arrive). it's still too early for most of the foliage to change colors but there were a few colors: red maple (some along the banks of the reservoir), young beech trees, and sassafras. i kept my eyes to the ground most of the time, looking for exotic vegetation. there were a lot of mushrooms emerging but most were dry, from the lack of rain in recent days.

before we went to winchester fells we made a detour in arlington to see a house with a blue-tinted roof shingle my sister wanted. she said it wasn't that blue but one look said otherwise. we will select a different color for when the roofers arrive next week sometime to install a new roof.

ricotta ham spinach quiche(6 slices)

pie crust ($2.50/pair)
flour (coating dish)
onion, chopped
10 oz. frozen spinach (89¢)
fresh ground pepper
1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional)
15 oz. ricotta cheese ($1.89)
8 oz. mozzarella ($1.99)
3 oz. parmesan (6 oz. $1.99)
8oz. ham slice ($2.29)
3 eggs (doz. $1.29)

i made a spinach & ham quiche for dinner. li and i each had 2 gooey slices, that fresh out of the oven cheese pie unable to keep any of its shape once scooped out.