ECSB finally contacted us today regarding our mass solar loan application with a request for a birthday validation for my mother because her credit score didn't come up when they ran her birthdate. i brought my canon scanner to belmont so i could scan her driver license as proof.

my mother wanted to visit the waltham OSJL to check out their yarn on sale. because my father didn't want to go, i was elected to drive her. it was a quick visit as it was getting late in the day and we didn't want to get stuck in traffic coming back. they removed most of their summer stock, including most gardening equipment; all that's left were tools, some pest control products, and a display of autumn-planting perennial bulbs. i left with a new box of tea, the first of the season (yogi tea original $3.50). once the weather officially turns cold i will be drinking nothing but teas for the next few months.

what i thought was a bottle gourd flower turns out to be a moonflower instead. i forgot i planted a few, must've escaped detection, matured enough now for some blooms. moonflowers look just like large morning glories except the flowers are all white and they only open at nights, pollinated by moths.

my father and i looked at adapters to connect the SMA (male) connector of the baofeng radio to his old CB antenna. after some research we discovered the CB uses an UHF PL259 SO239 connector. i also showed him the heavy duty power drill on sale at harbor freight and he agreed we needed one for our ongoing tree stump removal project.

with no roommate around until next tuesday, i wasn't in any hurry to get back home. it's getting darker earlier every day now, sunset around 7pm.

my paocai has begun to float. that gap at the bottom means i could've stuffed even more vegetables into the jar (although i just had enough to fill both). there doesn't seem to be enough brine as it appears dry on the top, but in my experience the brine level will eventually rise as the gases push the liquid upwards.