i woke up very late today, 11:30am. true, i went to sleep last night at 3am, but even then, i would never get up that late. had i lived alone it wouldn't have bothered me as much as now since i have a roommate. i felt embarrassed finding li already camped out in the living room, all the blinds pulled open, who knows how long he's been awake. i sheepishly said i woke up too late as i crept into my usual living room chair. li said he was afraid of waking me up from the creaking wooden floorboards, i said i heard nothing.

cattwo finally molted into its 5th instar overnight, because it was eating again this morning. catone (5th instar) was still feeding. now both my caterpillars are 5th instars, although catone will probably transform into a chrysalis sometime soon as it's getting big (it's already been 3 days at this final instar).

i was going to take the bus to belmont because it was raining today, but my father closed the cafe early and picked me up at 1:20pm. i left li with some instructions on how to enjoy the myriad of streaming entertainment courtesy of roku channels.

as it was a grey day, i actually saw some wild morning glories still in bloom in the backyard. the larger domesticated morning glories were already faded.

i had a korean spicy cabbage instant noodles for a late lunch. my parents have been enjoying them all week long after having bought 2 cases worth. it's okay, but i still prefer the regular nongshim korean noodles as it's spicier with a stronger flavor. for dinner my parents grilled up some fish bellies. they have a high oil content so they can tasty awfully fishy, but if fried correctly, they don't taste so bad.

my father gave me a ride back to cambridge at 7pm.

i saw catone on the bottom of the lid tonight. this meant it'd stopped eating and would now undergo the transformation into a chrysalis. i was going to unscrew the lid so i could take a better look but i didn't want to disturb the chrysalis transformation process.

finally by around 2:30am i managed to install google apps onto the HTC desire 816t. so to summarize, i first had to unlock the bootloader using the HTC developer website. seemed daunting at first but turned out to be pretty easy, especially after i figured out i could do the update from my mac and not have to switch to the PC partition (which honestly i haven't touched in years). then i installed a new recovery tool. that look the longest, as i couldn't get TWRP to install (tried versions and, neither worked). i finally had success when i used CWM ( instead, a version that was specifically tailored for the china unicom model of the HTC desire. once i did that, i installed superSU via the new recovery tool so i could root the phone. once rooted, i was finally able to install google apps using the opengapps app which downloaded a 600MB packet for me (though i still had to use CWM recovery to install it, though it was painless). then close to 3am, after a few app updates, the HTC performed one final OTA system update, this time installing android 6.0 marshmallow. it warned me it'd take at least an hour to install, i will go to sleep now.